Living rooms are a very intricate part of a home. This one room wears many different hats. It’s the place where guests get a taste of your taste. It’s where the family bonds morning, noon, and night. And it’s where you go to take a load off after a long day at work.

Therefore, the decorating process is a big deal for this space. To relieve some of the pressure, check out these common mistakes people make when decorating a living room.

Too Many Overpowering Pieces

Sometimes homeowners work too hard to make a statement inside their living rooms, but it doesn’t take much to be bold and direct. Avoid including too many big signature pieces. A living room, no matter the size, really only needs two large pieces.

These will be the pieces you base the rest of your furniture around. Two large pieces will open the space and make it easier to find complementary pieces. Your living room doesn’t need a sectional couch, several love seats, and a coffee table. Choose two items and stick with them.

Not Finding a Balance

Finding balance in a living room seems like a difficult task. But it’s a matter of collaborating and not competing. This isn’t to say that the entire living room needs to be one shade or color. There can be colors that bounce off each other.

For example, if the floors are faded gray, soft and warm colors will work in the space. Then, throw in some burnt orange for a splash of color. The burnt orange becomes the focal point of the room and ties the whole space together. Adding a few plants is another great way to assimilate pieces.

Choosing the Wrong Rug

It’s hard to find a good area rug, mainly because of the responsibility an area rug holds. It can tie a room together, make a space feel more intimate, and create a conversation. Instead of thinking about the creativity aspect, focus on the logistics.

Your living room needs an area rug that fits. Choosing one that’s too small will look like a misplacement. You can also keep your area rug from slipping so that it’s safe to walk across. Placing a coffee table on top isn’t enough.

Buying Easily Worn Furniture

Yes, furniture shopping is expensive, which is why we recommend saving up before making any purchases. We don’t recommend buying cheap furniture to save money. Cheap and easily worn furniture is more expensive because you’ll need to replace it earlier than a brand-new piece.

Get furniture that will last because it will endure a lot. Since the living room is the main entertainment spot for your guests, the furniture in that room will experience a lot of use. Plus, if your living room has big open windows, the sun’s UV rays can make furniture fade over time. It’s best to buy pieces that are durable and sturdy.

Avoiding these mistakes when decorating your living room will speed the process up and not make it an all-year affair.

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