And you’re about to begin your new endeavor with the one that you love the most!

The journey starts as soon as the groom popped the question “Will you marry me” and the bride happily answered it with a “YES!”

Suits Him Well

On the day of a dream wedding, while everyone’s staring at the bride, she’ll be walking down the aisle and probably just looking at her groom that seems no one is around “just him”. Usually, it takes much time and effort for the bride to put into selecting her wedding dress. But, we got to make sure that the grooms should look their best but still be comfortable. Here are some tips and guides:

Navy Blue Goes Well In Any Mood

While all wedding trends are all the rage lately— we feel these themes and combinations of color palettes for grooms stand the test of time and will always be popular among grooms. Here are some mood boards and color schemes that might help you to choose what suits him well in navy blue to appear something presentable and not boring…

blue suit wedding guest

Vintage Perfect With Mauve

Navy blue is quite a versatile color that pairs well with almost any combination. Why not combine it with a vintage mauve colour dress that makes a sophisticated color palette for a summer wedding celebration, be it simple or extravagant you will achieve your dream wedding.


A combination of mauve color dahlia and wild orchid fit for a relaxing elegant wedding of the year.


Versatile, grand, and elegant or casual beach vibe.

groom blue suit groomsmen grey

Sweet Pea

Navy blue and blush pink are the classic hues to choose from if you’re thinking of a sophisticated, grown-up look with a little touch of Venetian gold and a simple shade of ivory. This palette is best for a romantic beach bride and groom that are looking for a key for comfort.


The blush pink color of pink peonies flowers is effortlessly romantic when combined with a dried flower in Venetian gold & ivory.


Beach or garden for a beach-chic newlywed couple.

light blue wedding suits for groom

Summer Bliss

Coolest and easiest to pull off when you’re aiming for a literal summer palette. These color guides give spirited summer-loving vibes for a relaxed wedding for an adventurous groom & bride.


Hydrangea flowers in sky-blue with a spa color of the olive branch. It gives a relaxing vibe for a corsage in a suit.


Held in a beachfront or country club venue with cool music and relaxing grazing tables.

blue groomsmen suits with bridesmaids

Fab & Chill

It’s really amazing that when our versatile navy blue suits perfectly to a slate blue with a spiced up of a clementine color. These colors blended effortlessly with a modern city couple. It’s bold and extremely elegant.


Burnt orange colored roses paired with eucalyptus and little dahlia in a slat blue for a dramatic suit accent.


Iconic grand hotel or a Bridgerton-inspired ballroom for a classy-themed wedding.

navy blue suit wedding combinations

Timeless Dream

Classic formal wedding, who believe that classy and elegant but simple will always be on the right track. Best paired with a little touch of Venetian gold and ivory for simplicity.


White anemones and dusty millers flower for a timeless dream of a wedding to remember.


An Italian-styled wedding. Italians tend to opt for longer dresses so ask the entire guest to follow the dress code and feel the moment.

navy blue wedding suits for groom and groomsmen

Playful Burnt Orange

Navy blue coordinates are very rich with a burnt orange theme wedding. It gives a beautiful autumn-inspired peg for cozy, refined, and classy moments to remember.


Dried flowers combination of burgundy roses with a touch of small cuts of eucalyptus leaves.


An outdoor venue filled with burnt orange shades of flowers from the lightest to dark. A fireworks display and flash mobs at the finale make it more romantic.

navy blue wedding suit with pink tie

Getting The Green Light

The green color scheme paired with navy blue means a new beginning. Our meadow mood color board is the coolest in the eyes of anyone. This palette idea creates balance for both newlyweds to depict growth and simplicity.


Magnolia and dried eucalyptus flower with tiny jasmine.


For an outdoor wedding, the best place is an elegant grand ballroom.

These are the mood board guide for the groom’s tux that goes well with navy blue. Choose your best pick, and choose the comfiest. Enjoy your choice!

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