Christmas gift guide for the Mums in your life

Whether it’s your Mum, step Mum, mother-in-law, or a token Mum in your life, Christmas is the perfect time to treat them to something extra special. No matter how much you want to spoil them, Mums are notoriously hard to buy for, often having everything and asking for nothing. Here are just some ideas of what you could treat the Mums in your life to this Christmas:

Personal touch

A gift with a personal touch always makes a lovely gift, especially for someone you’re close to. This could include anything from a framed photograph of you both to a monogrammed dressing gown featuring their initials. Don’t forget to include a dedicated Christmas card for Mum to make the gift extra meaningful.

Treat hamper

Many of the Mums in our lives don’t treat themselves as much as they should, so curating a treat hamper makes the perfect Christmas gift. Not only can the hamper be personalised to include all their favourite treats, but it can also suit any budget, ideal if you have multiple gifts to buy this Christmas. As well as including all their favourite treats, from food to skincare, why not include a couple of your favourites that you think they might enjoy too?


The availability of subscription services has boomed in recent years, meaning there now truly is something for everyone. From beauty boxes to cocktails to fresh pasta delivered straight to their door, take some time to think about what they would get the most joy from. This is ideal if you want to continue treating them throughout the year but can also be done as a one-off gift too.


This might sound like a simple gift, but a good pair of slippers can make someone’s Christmas. Although practical, especially with the rise in heating costs, slippers can be a real treat and something we don’t tend to splash out on for ourselves.

Top Ups

Again, another gift that is on the more practical side but that won’t go underappreciated or unnoticed is top-ups of their everyday products. This can range in cost from their most used shower gel up to their go-to perfume. This works well as a gift for many reasons; firstly, you know it is something they are going to use and love, and secondly, you are saving them the hassle of having to purchase it themselves. This works particularly well if you happen to live with them and have easy visibility of their products.


For many Mums, particularly Mums with young children, sleep is in scarce quantities. Any gift that enables better sleep will always be appreciated by a tired Mum. A few examples of what this type of gift could include are a silk eye mask and pillowcase, lavender pillow spray, relaxing bath salts or fresh pyjamas.

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