Giving gifts to your loved ones is an excellent way for you to show your love and appreciation for them, but a birthday, holiday, or simply just because. But the art of gift-giving can be tricky, especially for some people who seemingly have everything.

Around 38% of people struggle to buy gifts simply because a person has everything, and it can be hard to be reactive and think outside of the box or find a gift that will be appreciated.

But what is it exactly that causes people such anxiety when buying gifts? Typically, gifts express how you feel about a person, so the quality of the present can cause stress levels to elevate, which in turn makes things worse than they need to be.

Choosing The Right Gifts

But generally, it’s not about the gift you give yourself; although that does hold importance, it is the context of the gift you give someone.

Rolling up to a special birthday with a box of chocolates and a wilting bunch of flowers will show that the person isn’t aforethought. They popped into your head at the last minute, leading to you grabbing something on your way to the destination, while a lavish gift can also be out of context if you don’t hold a special relationship with a person and can speak more about the gifter than the recipient.

While it’s clear there is a fine line between too little and too much, how do you find the balance in gift-giving?

You need to take into account the importance of the relationship and the length of time a person has been in your life; for example, gifting your parents an expensive present such as a car, expensive jewelry, or a vacation can often be seen as an expression of love and an act of really showing how much you care for and treasure the relationship and can speak volumes, however showering someone you have only known a short time with something of this caliber can indicate something untoward in your feelings or be a sign someone might be getting taken advantage of. This doesn’t mean the gift giver is narcissistic, far from it; it just appears that many people struggle to put themselves into someone else’s shoes and to look past all their own likes and dislikes, which is only natural.

But generally, when it comes to gift giving, there is the thought that frequently, people don’t put the recipient at the forefront of the present purchasing decisions. This is where many people go wrong when looking for the ideal present for a loved one.

How To Choose the Right Gifts

Finding out their passions and hobbies can be a great start. A foodie, for example, would find joy in specially selected gifts for cheese lovers or spice addicts, while chocoholics can be won over with a creative display of candy.

Experience gifts can be spot on for adrenaline lovers or for people who value experiences over items and can allow you to find something they enjoy and give them something they will never forget.

While these are only a couple of examples of finding the perfect gifts for loved ones, the main takeaway is that the art of the ideal gift needs to be something that pushes you outside of your own head to look at what your loved one really loves and enjoys and will get joy from.

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