These are novelty candles which, when burned, reveal a hidden sum of money. The amount of money inside these candles can vary. They are often used as gifts or as a fun way to give money. The concept is similar to a piggy bank. But there’s an added element: the candle must burn down to access the money. It’s a unique and surprising way to present a cash gift.

Introduction to Candles with Cash Inside

Candles with money tucked inside the wax have become a fun and exciting gift. These “prize candles” provide the thrill of watching the candle burn down to uncover a hidden cash prize inside.

The money can range from just $1 bills up to $100 bills depending on the size and style of candle. They go by many names like “jewel candles,” “reward candles,” or “cash candles.”

No matter what you call them, finding unexpected money inside a candle makes it a unique gift idea. It’s special for both kids and adults.

Half-burned candle revealing rolled money inside on a reflective table with warm backdrop.

There are several companies that make candles with real money inside, including:

  1. Jewelry Candles – Makes “Cash Money Candles” that contain a real $2 bill inside each candle. They also have candles with QR codes worth up to $2,500.
  2. Bohemian Wicks – Their “Lucky Cash Candles” contain at least $5 inside each candle, ranging up to $2,500. Anything over $100 comes with a code to claim the money via Venmo or in store.
  3. Hidden Treasure Candles – Their “Cash Candles” contain a minimum of $5 buried inside each candle. They have various scented candles with cash surprises inside.

The key points are:

  • Multiple companies make scented candles with real paper money hidden inside. The bills range from $2 up to $2,500.
  • The cash is sealed inside a burn-proof package that gets revealed as the candle burns down. Some companies include tweezers to pull out the money package.
  • It’s a fun surprise to burn the candle and discover how much money you “won” from inside. It ranges from a few dollars to potentially over $100.

These novelty candles contain money surprises inside. They are popular gifts and collectibles for candle and money lovers. The thrill is burning it down to uncover the hidden cash amount inside.

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What Are Candles with Money Inside?

Assortment of candles burning brightly, one revealing hidden money, in a festive setting.

Candles with money inside work by having paper bills tightly rolled up and set into the wax before the candle is formed. As the candle burns down, the money is revealed. It’s an ingenious way to deliver a monetary gift. It builds anticipation and an element of surprise.

These candles provide hours of entertainment as the recipient watches the flame slowly melt closer and closer to the cash prize.

The money is tightly wrapped in a thin paper or foil to hold it in place within the wax. Different processes are used to carefully position the rolled cash deep inside the candle. The money won’t fall out early but becomes accessible when the wax is burned away.

Candles with cash inside come in all shapes, sizes, colors and scents. They can be specially ordered from many online shops. Or you can sometimes find them at novelty, gift and candy shops locally. Prices typically range from $5 to $50 depending on the size, brand, scent and cash amount inside.

The History of Candle Cash Surprises

The concept of concealing money inside candles originated in China centuries ago. Candles with coins hidden inside were traditionally given as gifts to bring prosperity and good fortune for the new year.

In Mexico, “La Rosca de Reyes” cakes with hidden figurines or cash are customarily eaten for Three Kings Day on January 6th. Finding the treasure brings blessings for the year.

Over time, the tradition spread across continents. It evolved into candles concealing paper bills instead of coins. Cash candles grew in popularity in the U.S. and as an e-commerce product online around the 1990s. They continue as a novelty item that adds a fun element of surprise to gift-giving.

Perfect Occasions for Candle Cash Gifts

Scented candles on table with one revealing cash, amidst a warm, festive ambiance.

Candles with concealed money make great gifts for numerous occasions:

  • Birthdays – An extra surprise alongside their other gifts
  • Holidays – Add something fun to the unwrapping experience
  • Graduations – Combine a monetary gift with the candle surprise
  • Weddings – A unique present for the bride and groom
  • Just Because – Spark joy just because you’re thinking of them!

Adults can enjoy the suspense of burning the candle down to uncover their “prize.” But kids and teens seem to get the biggest thrill from cash candle gifts for their birthdays, holidays or other celebrations. Watching their delight as the hidden money is finally revealed is priceless.

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How to Choose the Right Cash Candle Gift

With so many varieties available, here are some tips for selecting the perfect candle with money inside:

  • Size – Bigger candles obviously take longer to burn down and can conceal larger cash amounts. Mini candles have small bills inside.
  • Fragrance – Pick a scent the recipient will enjoy as the candle burns down gradually.
  • Cash prize – Bills inside typically range from $1 to $100. Check product details.
  • Price – Candles themselves range from $5 – $50 based on size, brand, etc. Set a budget.
  • Burn time – Longer candles hold more money but take more hours to reveal it.

Make sure to check labels for burn times, cash amounts, safety tips and scent descriptions when choosing a candle cash surprise.

Safety First When Burning Candles with Money Inside

Candles with cash should be treated with the same safety precautions as regular candles:

  • Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Place on a stable, nonflammable surface away from flammable materials.
  • Read warning labels thoroughly and trim wicks to proper height before lighting.
  • Teach kids candle safety if giving as a gift. Supervise their first burn.
  • Extinguish candles if they get low without revealing the money yet.

With safety in mind, enjoy the suspense and excitement of watching your surprise cash candle burn down!

Creative Ways to Use the Hidden Money

Part of the fun is deciding how to use the hidden money once it’s finally revealed:

  • Let kids or teens use it for a fun treat like ice cream, movies or arcade games.
  • Have them donate the cash to a charity of their choice.
  • Use winnings toward a savings goal you’re working towards.
  • Splurge on a fancy coffee or cocktail you’ve been wanting to try.
  • Treat yourself to a book, album, movie or app you’ve been wanting.
  • Surprise a friend by treating them to lunch or a gift with the found money.

The possibilities are endless! Just enjoy the thrill of not knowing the amount until the candle burns down completely.

Other Prizes Can Be Hidden Inside Too!

While cash is the most popular, other items can also be concealed inside wax candles as fun surprises:

  • Jewelry candles hide rings, necklaces, earrings or gems in the wax.
  • Luxury prize candles contain gold flakes, crystals, precious stones and other treasures.
  • Novelty options conceal mini liquor bottles, playing cards, Starbucks cards and more.

So if you’re looking for a gift more unique than typical cash, browse the many types of prize candles available online and locally. Just watch out for hot wax when retrieving your new jewelry or prize!

The Allure of Unexpected Candle Rewards

Ultimately, candles with concealed cash and prizes appeal to our childlike sense of wonder and excitement. There’s a natural delight in watching the candle slowly melt down to uncover a secret treasure inside.

Candles with money inside capture the thrill of:

  • Waiting to see whether it’s a $1 or $100 bill.
  • Discovering how much your surprise money adds up to.
  • That wonderful moment of finally revealing the hidden cash.

As much fun for adults as for kids, candles with cash and prizes inside deliver surprise, suspense, and simple joy. They’re a small but magical experience that creates lasting memories.

So give the gift of concealed candle cash or prizes to someone special. Or treat yourself to one for your next celebration or just because! Watching the hidden rewards being uncovered will be a highlight whether you’re 8 or 80.

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Candles with Money Inside: Your Essential FAQ Guide

Is the money candle real?

Yes “money candles” containing real paper currency inside do genuinely exist and are sold by multiple candle retailers. However the maximum cash amount found inside a single candle appears to be $100. Anything above that amount is redeemed virtually for prizes instead.

How do you make candles with money inside?

To make candles with hidden cash, first obtain paper money. Seal it in a heat-proof pouch for protection. Then pour melted candle wax into the container. Embed the money packet in the center before the wax hardens. Finally, let the candle fully cool. Then, add finishing touches like fragrance, decorations, and tweezers. Use the tweezers to pull out the cash once it’s exposed as the candle burns down. The main steps are preparing the real money, positioning it inside melted wax, letting the candle harden completely with the money sealed inside, and finishing the candle with scents and decor.

How much money is in a money candle?

Every money candle contains at least $5 in real paper bills. Most have $2 plus a chance to win up to $100 directly inside the candle. Anything over $100 is redeemed virtually for additional prizes. More cash is not inserted into the candle itself. A few key amounts mentioned across the different money candle retailers.

In Conclusion

Candles with money inside provide a fun and unique gift-giving experience. Uncovering the hidden cash adds an extra element of surprise and excitement.

Choose from a huge variety of cash candle styles, scents, and prize amounts to find the perfect option to delight anyone on your gift list. Just be sure to burn responsibly – and have fun discovering your secret candle cash!

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