Bringing the Christmas spirit to your student pad

Whether it’s the lead-up to the big day itself, or you’ve decided to spend the whole of the festive season in your university halls, being away from home can still feel like you’re missing out on all the traditional festivities your parents normally celebrate with you. However, don’t let being away from home take away the fun of Christmastime by bringing Christmas to your student digs instead.

  1. Buy a Christmas tree 

Putting up a Christmas tree with your parents back home may seem like a chore, but searching for the perfect one and shopping for decorations with your university friends is guaranteed to have you full of festive cheer. If you’re worried about bringing a tree into your university accommodation, there are plenty of other fun alternatives out there.

  1. Add Decorations

It’s not surprising if the dull lighting that comes in your university halls doesn’t make you feel like celebrating Christmas. That’s why adding your own Christmas lights and other decorations can completely transform your rented space for the whole month of December. If you’re on a budget, why not get crafty and see just what you can make with the bits you’ve already got in your home?

  1. Buy and share presents 

Exchanging gifts is a great way to replicate some of the best bits of Christmas, and, likely, you’ll finally have figured out what your flatmates like by now! You could organize a Secret Santa with those you live with, or equally with course friends outside the house. Looking for something a bit more fun? Why not arrange a present exchange party or get everyone fighting for the best present with a white elephant gift exchange?

  1. Bring smells into your flat

Scents and smells have the power to influence your moods, and when you’re feeling homesick at Christmas, they can also make you feel nostalgic! Filling your flat with warm Christmas smells that remind you of some amazing festive memories from back home is a surefire way to make you smile. Spend one Sunday afternoon baking Christmas treats, or fill some bowls around the house with oranges and cinnamon. Running low on time? Even a little festive washing-up liquid can make all the difference in creating a Christmas vibe.

  1. Arrange Christmas festivities

Bring all your best university friends together by arranging some fun Christmas festivities. Whether it’s a festive gathering complete with mulled wine and mince pies at yours, or even doing a pub crawl dressed up as various Christmas-themed goods, the best way to celebrate Christmas at university is to celebrate it with your mates.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for Christmases gone by back home, or you’re wondering what your home friends are up to this festive season while you’re still at university, these simple ideas can help you bring Christmas right to your student digs.

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