Planning a baby shower is an exciting and fun time. A new baby is a happily anticipated arrival that needs to be celebrated in style and welcomed with a shower of gifts and good wishes. So a boy baby shower theme needs to accomplish all of those while entertaining guests and create a joyful memory for the parents as they celebrate their new little life.

Boy Baby Shower Theme Ideas

The sex of the baby may be a crucial point in choosing a theme for a baby shower. Most people would plan a baby shower for a girl very differently than they would the arrival of a baby boy. A baby shower for a baby girl may lean towards a theme that is feminine and frilly. For baby girls, a princess or little diva theme can be a fun way to welcome the new little girl. She will no doubt be showered with many specially chosen outfits and accessories to start a wardrobe that will give her a very fashionable start in life.

Little boys are just as much fun to have a shower for, but the theme should be something fitting for the new little man who is on the way. You may wish to consider a favorite sport, team, or hobby of the dad-to-be be, or maybe he works as a firefighter, a police officer, or even a soldier. All of these themes have so many ways to customize them with great decorations, games, and refreshments. Dad can also be a part of the part, so be sure to make him feel included if he will be present.

If the sex of the baby hasn’t been revealed yet, the shower can be the perfect time to do so. Mom-to-be can have the ultrasound technician put the results in an envelope to be opened at the party, or she can find out ahead of time and plan a special reveal by ordering a cake that is gender-neutral on the outside but when cut reveals a beautiful shade of pink or blue. She may allow the party planners in on the secret so they can plan accordingly.

But there is always a few parents-to-be who want to be surprised by the baby’s sex at birth, so they will require a gender-neutral theme. In a warm climate, a beach theme or a luau in a backyard pool, complete with tropical drinks and refreshments, would be a fun idea. Perhaps the parents-to-be have already chosen a style or theme for the baby’s nursery, and you could use that idea. Then decorations for the party can be used in the baby’s nursery, and theme-related gifts will add a special touch to the shower. Such themes may include African safari animals, Winnie the Pooh, or a Jungle theme.

There is a perfect theme for every shower party. You just need to consider the parents, the sex of the baby (if known), and the décor of the nursery. Once you have decided on a theme, you will find that your ideas and creativity will quickly blossom into a baby shower that you will fondly remember for many years to come.

Boy Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Ideas For Choosing a Boy Baby Shower Theme

Throw the mom-to-be a boy-themed baby shower that will leave lasting memories! Find boy baby shower theme ideas and blue-colored giveaways all your party-goers will adore! is a great resource for baby shower theme supplies so that you can pick and choose for a custom celebration everyone will remember.

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Picking the baby shower theme for any baby shower can be a tough job. Unless you know for sure exactly what the mom and/or parents-to-be would absolutely love, there could be a little bit of stress over which theme will work best for everyone.

There are often quite a few people that you are trying to please. But, there are so many different potential themes out there that you can be assured that you will find something that’s fun, festive, and totally suitable, regardless of who is there.

To find the right baby shower theme for a family that is expecting a boy, you could always start with trying to incorporate a favorite character, hobby, or color that the mother may have. She is very important because she is the one actually carrying the baby! So, you want her happy.

Get creative with things! Take her thoughts and add a little twist to them.

If she likes sailboats and puppies, then go with a Puppy Pirate theme or an island-based baby shower theme featuring tons of adorable doggies! Or, if her hobby is sewing, go with a patchwork quilt theme with an attachable tie-on that features little baby boys getting into mischief. You could even have a custom quilt/throw made for her to wear like a cape while she is at the baby shower, but that can be a wonderful keepsake for years to come.

Hosting a boy baby shower? If a baby boy is on the way, blue is the universal color for little boys – but don’t feel like you have to go with the masses! We have come up with this elegant Royal King-themed baby shower idea to welcome a new little guy into the world!

If you are planning on having a co-ed baby shower, you will want to be sure to keep things masculine. Guys won’t want to be involved with anything too feminine, and some might even get bored or offended. The father-to-be could likely be boastful because this will be “his boy,” and so you should give him some space during the event to talk about what he plans to do with “his son.”

Choose colors that are either very “boyish” or go for neutrals like green, yellow, or brown. Try not to get too frilly with things for this event because, ultimately, it should totally represent the fact that a boy is on the way. Once you decide on the theme, whether you go for chic or whimsical, baby blue or brown, or just a hodgepodge of things, you will need to get the information out. That’s where the invitations come into play.

Boy Themes to Match any Mom-to-Be’s Tastes

Boy Themes to Match any Mom-to-Be's Tastes

Is she planning on decorating the nursery in a Glam Safari Baby Shower theme and would love a shower to match, or would she enjoy the soft, warm colors and style of Tiny Toes? With Baby Shower Ideas 4U’s everyday low prices and great selection, you can’t go wrong. Some of their more popular boy shower themes can even be mixed and matched together for a great custom look, and be sure to add some solid-colored party supplies to extend your decorations without breaking the bank. They carry a lovely selection of solid color party supplies expertly coordinated with the baby boy shower decorations. Think of using a selection of balloons in several different shades of blue for a dramatic effect, and don’t forget cutlery to add that final pop of color.

Baby Boy Shower Gift Ideas

If the mom has a nursery theme, on the shower invitation, state this. “Nursery will be in the dark blue and white with dinosaurs,” that way people can give theme-appropriate gifts.

If the mom is in need of certain items, it’s okay to add a list of needed items in the invitation.

There are “diaper/wipe” showers, too, if it’s a mom of more than one child and really has no need for extra baby things. Be sure to have a table that is specified just for shower gifts to sit.

Fill a cute basket with “everything boy!” Onesies, socks, blankets, rattles, clothes and stuffed animals, trucks, a personalized soft blanket, a big blue piggy bank, or a hooded baby bath towel.

Be sure to hop over to our “baby shower gift ideas” page! It is overflowing with practical baby shower gift ideas, cute gift sets, baby basket ideas, and more!

Boy Baby Shower Decorations

First, ask the mom-to-be if she is doing her nursery in a certain color scheme. There are so many fun and stylish patterns and color combos in stores today! Boring boys’ themes have been jazzed up and are so cute!

If the expecting mommy has a certain theme in mind, jot down her ideas and thoughts.

Decorate with color-coordinated plates and napkins, and supplies.

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