Black Birdcage Veil with Pearls
Black Birdcage Veil with Pearls.

The bridal veil is an ele­gant addi­tion to any wed­ding dress. How­ever, if you’re not crazy about the full, sheer veil, the good news is that there are alter­na­tives. For instance, have you ever thought about wear­ing a bird­cage veil on your wed­ding day?

Most aspects of a wed­ding cer­e­mony have their roots in reli­gion. In the West­ern world, bridal veils have come to sym­bol­ize purity, mod­esty, and vir­gin­ity. How­ever, veils were used as far back as the Roman Empire, when they were believed to pro­tect the bride from evil spir­its on her wed­ding day.

Today, tra­di­tion and, in no small part, because they add a touch of ele­gance to a wed­ding gown, bridal veils are as pop­u­lar as they ever were.

How­ever, some brides are opposed to the sym­bol­ism of the full-face veil and the lift­ing of it, which used to indi­cate that the groom was tak­ing pos­ses­sion of his wife. And there are those who would like a more mod­ern ‘look.’ Con­se­quently, some women seek alter­na­tives to the tra­di­tional bridal veil.

Bird­cage Veil

Bird­cage veils, which are made from tulle (a type of net­ting made from silk, rayon, or nylon), come in a vari­ety of shapes and sizes. From stun­ning hat veils, with vintage-style fas­ci­na­tors, to ultra-chic, mod­ern designs with feath­ers or flowers.

There is some­thing very ‘Golden Age of Hol­ly­wood’ about the bird­cage veil. Some­times worn at a jaunty angle (although there are many other styles avail­able) and, usu­ally, com­ing no lower than the eyes or nose, but some­times reach­ing the chin. Bird­cage veils are gen­er­ally viewed as less old-fashioned than the full-face alter­na­tive. In addi­tion, of course, it allows the bride to add a touch of 1930s glam­orous to her day of days.

It is also worth con­sid­er­ing that a bird­cage veil can be adapted. Because it is, essen­tially, just a piece of tulle, any style can be crafted; mesh size is vari­able, as is the amount of face cov­ered. So, a fas­ci­na­tor can suit almost any bridal gown. How­ever, bird­cage veils tend to work best with mod­ern, sleek styles of dress.

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