How to Choose The Best Bridal Jewelry

Congratulations on your wedding! When it comes to weddings, all brides want to look flawless. It is your big day, and you do not want the embarrassment of having big and uncomfortable jewelry that does not match your gown. All you want is a personal touch.

As a bride, there are several factors that you need to consider when choosing the perfect jewelry for your couple.

These include but are not limited to;

1. Match your jewelry with your dress

Match your jewelry with your dress

If you are unable to choose between silver and gold, the color of your gown will be a great determinant.

  • A white gown blends well with platinum or silver jewelry.
  • An ivory gown will blend well with gold jewelry due to its creamy appearance.
  • A blush gown will match perfectly with rose gold—the pink in the jewelry blends with the soft pink of the gown.
  • A champagne gown is best matched with gold jewelry, and the gold jewelry complements the warm tones in the beige color of the gown. Also, burnished silver with rhinestones will do well.

2. Consider the neckline of your gown

Consider the neckline of your gown

Gowns with strapless or sweetheart necklines match perfectly with shorter necklaces or chokers. Alternatively, you can wear statement chandelier earrings. To balance out everything, add smaller bangles, bracelets, or cocktails.

A gown with a halter or reverse halter, then accessorize your hair. Use pins, vines, or combs to decorate your hair. Depending on your preferred effect, you can choose floral, bejeweled, or sleek. You can also wear a bracelet or cocktail ring.

For V-neck gowns, a choker or pendant will match well. Pair your dangling earrings with a necklace of your choice.

3. Do not overdo your jewelry

Do not overdo your jewelry

Never let your jewelry outshine you. It is better to have a few pieces rather than accessorizing all parts of your body. Do not go overboard.

4. Prioritize your preference

Prioritize your preference
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We are not immune to trends; therefore, there is no shame in embracing those that really matter to you. Do not go for a look just because it is trending on social media. Trends will come and go, but your wedding photos and memories are here to stay with you for as long as you live.

You would rather make decisions based on sentimental reasons and personal preferences. It is better to look at your photos and say, “this jewelry meant a lot to me,” and not “I wore this jewelry because I saw someone wearing it on social media.”

5. Do not be overwhelmed

Do not be overwhelmed

If you find it hard choosing your jewelry than your gown, focus on your search. Just focus on that color you love most and wear it. You will notice that modern brides don’t go for accessories that match a lot.

While some jewelry colors and tones do not seem to look good together, put aside that notion and trust your eye on what they see that looks nice.

6. Understand that you might not always know the best

Understand that you might not always know the best

Different people have different ideas of what jewelry they should have on their wedding day. Back then, a necklace and gown would be all you would need.

However, nowadays, it is all about statement earrings. Décolletage is a beautiful point of focus on the bride’s body, and thus you need no further embellishment. Do not buy jewelry because someone else thinks you will look great in it, and buy one because you have fallen in love with it.

7. Be yourself

Tips to Remember When Choosing Wedding Jewelry

Stick to studs if you are uncomfortable wearing big, chandelier earrings. If you love a lariat necklace, go for it. What really matters is your confidence and happiness in your accessories, and that is the best accessory of all time.

You will wear your wedding band and engagement ring all the days of your marriage life. This means they should really be what you want in your wedding jewelry, and these metals do not have to match necessarily.

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