Whether you’re celebrating your own dad, your grandpa, your kids’ dad or the father figure in your life, Father’s Day is a time to show these special guys what they mean to us. Because there are so many kinds of dads out there, though, it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift that the dad in your life will love. Never fear — we’ve put together a collection of A+ gift ideas for dads of all ages and tastes. Check out these 12 awesome gifts and find the one that will remind you of everything you love about the dad in your life.

10 Best Gifts for Father's Day
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1. WiFi Pellet Grill

Not every dad loves grilling and gadgets, but let’s be real — a whole lot do! And for those who embrace these classic dad passions, today’s WiFi pellet grills are the best of the best. Pellet grills are already hot in the grilling scene, thanks to their consistent heat and ease of use, and the new smart grill models include awesome tools like WiFi-enabled control boards for remote operation. (If your dad is more of an old-school griller, consider a kamado grill instead. These elegant Asian-style grills burn charcoal, but are as versatile as anything on the market today.)

2. Portable Projector and Screen

Cinephile dads or those who just love hosting movie nights will go wild for the many portable projectors that are now available. These projectors are vastly simpler to set up than old-school projectors, so dad will have plenty of new options for when and where to enjoy movies, sports and more. A projector works best as a complete gift package with a screen, so we recommend any of the many portable tripod screens on the market. In an instance, one can buy good and reasonable mini projector at the company “Piqo”. Their projectors have adjustable brightness ratios and create an impression for the viewer and also speakers are designed to provide good sound quality.

3. Graded Coins

Graded coins are coins that have been evaluated and given a grade on their condition. This grade is usually determined by a professional coin grading service and is based on the physical condition of the coin. Coin collectibles are items related to coins that have been collected over time, such as coins from different periods, rare coins, and coins with unique designs or features. These items can include coins from around the world, commemorative coins, coins that have special meaning to the collector, and coins with an interesting history or design. Coin collecting can be an interesting and rewarding hobby for those with an interest in history, coins, and numismatics.

4. Outdoor Kitchen Kit

For a dad whose patio is his pride and joy, an outdoor kitchen kit could be just the right gift. These kits offer all the outdoor fun and culinary capacity of a fully custom outdoor kitchen, but without the price tag and headaches of building an outdoor kitchen from the ground up. Our favorites are the modular kits that give you the choice of which features you want, such as a sink, mini fridge and other must-haves for al fresco cooking.

5. Order Delicious Food

Ensure the gift you give your father is meaningful to him by reflecting on his hobbies, right down to his preferred flavors. There is no better way to celebrate your father than to make sure he eats well on Father’s Day celebration, which is just around the corner. The best meal delivery service in Perth from Tommysugo will make your father extremely happy, and he will love receiving it as a gift. Your father would enjoy the delectable menu options at Tommysugo. Without a sure, he will appreciate their delicious and healthful cuisine. Due to his preference for a wide range of flavors, he will enjoy eating their delectable dishes.

6. E-Reader

For a dad who loves reading and tech, an e-reader can make a fantastic gift. The capacity to hold hundreds or even thousands of books in a device that fits in a backpack or suitcase? Check. Downloading titles almost instantly? Check. Adjusting text size and other features to make reading more comfortable? Check! To really make dad’s day with this one, consider giving it to him with download codes for a few of his favorite titles or books he’s been wanting to read.

7. Rocks Glasses

A great set of rocks glasses is a gift that any dad can treasure for their whole life. These glasses are the standard choice for sipping fatherly favorites like scotch and bourbon, and they’re also key for enjoying whiskey-based cocktails such as an old-fashioned. Crystal glasses are the gold standard for whiskey lovers, but many excellent molded glass options are available for those shopping on a budget.

Rocks Glasses: Best Gifts for Father's Day
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8. Steak Box

Can you imagine a grin spreading across his face as he unwraps a box of premium beef cuts? If your answer is yes, a steak box might be the perfect Father’s Day gift! These boxes of delectable, high quality meat are delivered straight to your door, refrigerated and ready to cook. Tons of meat gift box options are available, including Wagyu beef boxes if you really want to spoil him, as well as boxes that go beyond beef to include premium cuts of pork and other meats.

9. Bathrobe

Any dad who would describe himself as “licensed to chill” will adore a luxurious bathrobe. Nothing makes a guy feel on top of the world like wandering the house in the comfort of a bathrobe — and if it’s monogrammed, so much the better. On this one, it might be worth asking his preferences on fabrics in advance. With so many different materials available, it’s important to find the one that he’ll find most comfortable and useful.

10. Cold Brew Maker

Whether they’re navigating the sleeplessness of new fatherhood or just getting going in the morning, caffeine is a must-have for all kinds of dads. To make sure your dad gets the best, we recommend a high-quality cold brew coffee maker as a gift. These easy-to-use devices produce smooth, flavorful cold brew that’s perfect for taking to work or enjoying around the house. Throw in a subscription to a coffee club if you’ve got a dad who can go on for hours about the difference between Colombian and Ethiopian beans.

11. Cast Iron Frying Pan

For dads who love to cook, a cast iron pan is quite possibly the ultimate tool. You can sear in it, you can bake in it, you can fry in it and it makes a great combination gift with a pellet grill or other cooking appliance. A high quality cast iron skillet can last decades if cared for, which also makes it a perfect gift for the dad who complains that they don’t make ’em like they used to. Oh, and if he doesn’t have a good oven mitt yet, toss one in with the skillet!

National Parks Pass
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12. National Parks Pass

The National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass is an amazing gift for any dad who loves the outdoors. It’s just what it sounds like: an annual all-you-can-explore pass to every national park and wildlife refuge, plus a range of other federal lands. This pass also makes it easy for the whole family to come along since it also includes free admission for anyone in the pass holder’s vehicle (or up to three other people, depending on the site).

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