If you are bored with using one style for flower arrangement, then this article is for you. 9 floral arrangements styles in this think-piece will give your home a new look.

1. Centerpiece flower arrangements  

Nothing can beat the centerpiece flower arrangements if you want a classic floral arrangement style. You will see them mostly at weddings or big corporate events. In these scenarios, the centerpiece is usually located at the center portion of the table.

The number of flowers depends on the size of the centerpiece. A small one needs 9 stems, while a big centerpiece looks perfect with 20 stems.

Depending on your preference, you can change the height of the arrangement. For example, a small square table will need short arrangements, wherein a large centerpiece will look best on big round tables.

2. Basket floral arrangements

Basket floral arrangements are appropriate for intimate occasions like date night. To create this arrangement, you need a floral foam block and a basket.

First, cut the floral foam block as per the size of the basket so that it can easily fit inside the basket and place the flowers into the foam. After placing every flower, tuck in the stems and foliage.

3. Elliptical floral arrangements

As the flowers in the arrangement are designed like an ellipse, it is called the elliptical floral arrangement. Therefore, you can use dahlia, sunflower, lotus, etc., for this arrangement.

If you have some different flowers on your mind, make sure they are vibrant looking and have a sweet scent.

4. Bar flower arrangements

In this kind of arrangement, the florist uses taller vases and stems. If you are hosting a party in your house, you can try this flower arrangement style to mesmerize your guests.

This goes best with floral walls. Just place them on the side of the wall, and that space will instantly become the center of attraction.

5. Crescent floral arrangements

You can use any kind of flower to create this arrangement. Start by arranging the flowers in a curved line. Then, ensure that the crescent point is downwards, and voila… Your arrangement is ready.

If you struggle to arrange the flowers in a crescent shape, there is another way to do it. First, cut cardboard into a crescent shape. Then place the longest flower in the center area. Then begin with including the tiny ones on the sides.

Once the crescent is filled, find gaps and put smaller flowers in them. Blend different-sized flowers for a fresh and unique look.

6. Vertical floral arrangements

Florists use this arrangement for bouquets. You can pick any type of flower for this particular arrangement style. However, many prefer vertical flower arrangements for their ravishing appearance and charm.

However, creating this arrangement can be a little overwhelming for a newbie. If you’re one of them and you still wish to create it, it’s best to learn flower arrangement from someone good at it or enroll yourself in a nearby class. 

7. Monochromatic floral arrangements

Monochromatic floral arrangements only have one kind of flower, which makes them quirky and glamorous. You can consult a florist to determine which monochromatic floral arrangement will suit your party.

If your party will have more than 10 guests, then choosing this arrangement will be a good choice.

8. Cascade floral arrangements

This type of arrangement looks good in a tall and narrow vase. These arrangements are really pretty to look at, but they are equally tricky to make.

To begin with, put a foam block into the vase and arrange the flowers around the foam block. After it is done, keep adding extra stems until it is full.

You can pick lilies or orchids for this arrangement.

9. Horizontal floral arrangements

The horizontal floral arrangement is the most common type of floral arrangement. Florists generally place the flowers in horizontal rows or in zigzag ways to make this arrangement. They mainly pick strong-scented flowers such as garden roses.

Over to you…

Now that you know about various arrangement styles, you can use them for all your upcoming events. However, while selecting the flower for your arrangements, pick only fresh ones – it can make or break the whole look.


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