“Beauty is only skin deep.” It’s an old saying but still rings true today. And for centuries, people have attempted to define what makes a woman really beautiful. Here, in fact, are a bunch of definitions from both men and women alike. As you read through them, you’ll find that they all have different ideas. 

One thing does stand out though. Very few of these definitions focus only on the physical, even though that is probably the first thing that attracts a man.

So, let’s take a look at the things that make women beautiful.

Physically Attractive

When meeting a woman for the first time, her looks are the first thing you notice – a pretty face, beautiful hair, a great body, a nice clothing style, and accessories. And let’s face it – most men are pleased to have a pretty woman at their side, especially at social events. And being physically pretty is a total package. She may have a few physical flaws, but it’s her entire presence that is attractive.

But you need to remember that saying – “Beauty is only skin deep.” What about the rest of her – what’s under that skin?

Kind and Compassionate

These qualities come out in many ways.

  • She shows empathy for the problems of others – she can put herself in their shoes and feel what they feel. In that way, she can provide not just sympathy but help through the issue. 
  • She is kind to everyone – especially those who may not be on equal standing with her. She treats clerks, wait staff, janitors, and others with respect. 
  • She shows genuine interest in others – friends and strangers alike. She asks questions and listens attentively to what they have to say.

Dependable and Trustworthy

If she agrees to do something or to be somewhere, she will follow through. If she promises to help you or anyone else do something, she will be there to help. 

The other aspect of these traits is that you can trust this woman to mean what she says. If you or any of her friends or family members confide in her and ask that she keep something confidential, she will do just that.

When a woman is trustworthy, the marriage has a strong foundation.


In the simplest terms, she has your back, and the backs of others too. She is no “fair-weather friend.” If you go through rough patches, she will be there, backing you up, helping you work through them, and defending you when necessary.

She will also remain loyal to her values and principles, never compromising on them for the acceptance of others. She will quietly but firmly walk away.

She would never consider cheating on you, but note that she will expect the same from you.

Men who have loyal wives are lucky indeed. Beauty fades, but loyalty is forever.

Supportive and Motivational

You have goals. Everyone does. A beautiful woman will applaud your goals and commit to her support as you work toward them.

But she will go further than that. Her support is not passive. She will actively find ways to motivate you to keep moving forward, no matter how many challenges or bumps in the road you face. She keeps a positive attitude, and it will rub off on you. You’ll believe in yourself because she believes in you.

Beautiful Women: Supportive and Motivational


You know how important this is if you’ve ever been in a relationship in which your partner has lied to you. It’s painful and impacts your ability to trust again. 

Then along comes a genuine woman who is honest. She lets you know exactly how she feels; she lets you know when you have upset her and wants to work through it. She leaves her phone and her computer out and open, without caring if you are tempted to take a peek.

Over time, your trust is built again. She is beautiful, isn’t she?


This is something you’ll come to see as really important. Whether you are meeting and dating her online through a mail-order online brides platform like BridesUniverse.com or dating her in person, you will come to know whether she is independent and emotionally self-sufficient. 

This is a great quality because she will not be dependent and clingy. And while “clingy” may seem cute at the beginning of a romance, it grows really old. If she does not have a streak of independence, she will not want you to be involved in outside interests and with friends without her. 

Her independence makes her beautiful because she is willing to give that to you too.


Has this ever happened to you? You think a gal is really cute just as she is. She’s funny, she’s fun to be with, and she’s “down to earth.”

Now, you go out with some friends of hers, and she’s totally different. She’s in a provocative dress you’ve never seen before and is wearing lots of makeup and glitzy jewelry. And she even sounds like a different person when she talks to them and you. 

As the line from an old TV show goes, “Will the real girlfriend please stand up?” 

A woman who is genuine is the same person no matter what environment she is in. And when you have a genuine girlfriend, hold onto her. She makes a beautiful wife too.


A wife who sets goals and pursues them is a beautiful thing to experience. She is determined, positive, and energetic, and has an enthusiasm that is envious. In her pursuit, she is beautiful. Embrace that beauty, and she will love you for it.


This isn’t always “book smart” – it can be just a knowledge and understanding of how things work in this world and the ability to navigate through everything that comes her way. And she does this with a great attitude, confident in her skills and talents. This gives her an intellectual and emotional beauty that is permanent.


This woman knows how to work, but she understands the importance of fun in a balanced life. And she wants you to have that balance too. When you have had a bad day, she will plan something fun to lift your mood.

Her sense of humor is evident too, and she can laugh at herself when she goofs too. It’s delightful, really, and you know you can count on her to keep life fun. This is an inner beauty that many women do not have.

These 11 Things

There is a classic rom-com movie titled “Pretty Woman.” In it, Julia Roberts demonstrates every single one of these traits as the plot unfolds and the man who “hired” her for a weekend fling comes to see her as the beautiful woman she is. He couldn’t give her up, and of course, the flick had a “lived happily ever after” ending. 

If you find your “pretty woman,” keep her. She will be a beautiful wife forever.

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