when to say i love you to your boyfriend
when to say I love you to your boyfriend? (Photo: @_loverzpoint_)

“I love you.” They’re three simple words, yet they mean so, so much. I cannot think of many sentences that mean more than that. “You are hired” is good but still can’t compete. “You’ve got a perfect mark” is sweet, but even an A+ cannot compete with all-encompassing love, can it?

That’s the reason why people make a big deal about saying “I love you.” It’s not the same as adding a heart emoji or a kissy face to a text. Let’s face it, pretty much everyone in our address book gets those. Saying “I love you” is professing that you’re head-over-heels for someone. And that’s why it’s important to say it at the right time.

An ill-timed “I love you” can sometimes break a relationship, but the right one can further strengthen the bond you and you SO have. I’m not trying to put any more added pressure on you. I just want to tell it like it is.

If you’ve been considering dropping the L-word to bae, take a look at the seven signs that you are ready to say it. Good luck!

You’re Prepared For Bae’s Reaction

In a perfect world, you would tell bae I love you, you’re SO would say it back, and you both would live happily ever after. Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t work that way. That could turn out to be the case, but the opposite could happen. Bae could totally get freaked out when you say it. Therefore, it’s important you consider both sides. If you’re willing to accept all possible scenarios, then go ahead.

You’re Not Doing It Because You Feel You Have To

Some people feel like they should be saying I love you after a certain number of months of dating or after a big milestone. Or sometimes because friends and family are putting the pressure on. If you want to say I love you because you simply want to, that’s a good sign that it’s the right choice. If you’re thinking about other external factors, it’s a bad sign. 

It’s Genuinely What You Feel In Your Heart

The heart wants what the heart wants, man. If your heart is filled with love for bae, and you don’t want to keep it bottled up anymore, it might be time to say the L-word.

You’ve Been Thinking About It For A While

Has this been a spur-of-the-moment thing, or have you been feeling this way about bae for awhile? If your love for bae has been growing and growing, and now you think you’re at the point where you want to profess it, it sounds like a good sign your relationship is where it should be.

You’re Not Saying It Just Because Bae Did

Did bae drop the L-word first, and now you feel pressured? Or did bae do some big romantic gesture, so now you feel pressured to reciprocate? If you answered yes to either one, hold off. However, if you feel in your heart that you love bae and have taken the other things out of it, it sounds like you’re ready.

You’re Not Trying To Force Bae Into Saying It

Stop and think for a second: Do you genuinely feel in love with bae? Or do you just want to say the three magic words in the hopes bae will say them back to you? If you’re doing this as a ploy just to figure out how bae really feels about you, stop right there. However, if you really feel it and you’re not trying to force anyone into saying anything, go for it.

You Feel Ready To Say It

Do you feel ready in your heart, head, and gut that this is what you want to do? If all of your body parts are in agreement about the decision, that’s a positive thing. If you’re back and forth on it, you can always hold off for a bit until you’re 100 percent clear. Remember: There is no rush.

Have you ever told bae you love him/her? Let us know in the comments!

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