Many people dream about having that romantic wedding and riding off to enjoy a happily ever after, especially after watching soaps, listening to enchanting love songs, and reading romance novels. It’s great to envision yourself living that life in the arms of your beautiful lover, but just like with everything good and worthy in life, there is a price to pay to achieve it. When you sign up on and create an attractive profile, you instantly start meeting some compatible singles looking for love. But just how do you build your relationship from the initial hello to eventual bonding, getting married, and staying in love?

Stages of a healthy relationship

When perusing user profiles, some beautiful faces grab your attention instantly, and you freeze for a minute. Instant desire builds within you, and you like their profile. Go through their photos and details like hobbies and interests, and even drop them a message armed and ready to get to know them. If they feel the same about you, you can then commence the metamorphosis of a relationship whose stages include:

Getting to know each other

Once you both like what you see on each other’s profiles and initiate conversation, it’s time to get to know each other. What does your partner like and dislike? What are their core values, beliefs, and morals? What do they do in life, and what kind of relationship are they looking for? This is where you break the surface and get to know the other person’s personality and inner beauty past the physical one. 

Allowing your partner into your life

Once you have figured out that your interests tally and formed an addictive spark between you, it’s time to open up the doors of your life to this person and allow them to know you better. At this stage, they can know where you live and work, close friends and family, kids if you have any, and so on. You can attend special events with your partner and introduce them as your boyfriend/girlfriend.


At this stage, you develop a deeper connection with your partner and enjoy more intimacy, appreciation, and shared love. This person starts to take up a lot of space in your thoughts and your life, and you start to feel like you cannot do without them.


This is the point where you say yes to the engagement and make it known to your family, friends, and the entire world that this is the person that you wish to spend the rest of your life with.

Tips for building a happy and satisfying relationship

Relationships don’t stop at the wedding because marriage life demands more commitment and hard work. The tips below are effective in building a blissful union:

Have a shared goal

When you create a profile, it’s important to be clear about what you are looking for in a relationship and ensure that your partner wants the same thing. This way, you can build on that shared vision.

Honest communication

To enjoy a happy relationship, you must communicate as often and as openly as possible. It’s important for your partner to feel comfortable being themselves and speak out their hearts and minds around you. During times of conflict, you should talk things through calmly and reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

Dedicate ample time to the relationship.

Building a strong bond requires you to spend enough time together as a couple doing activities you both enjoy. You should also maintain high levels of physical and emotional intimacy so that every partner can feel satisfied and fully loved. On the same note, spend some time alone working on yourself as a person and also give the other person some free space.

Be attentive and supportive.

All gifts in the world cannot match giving your partner the attention and support they desire and deserve. Always be that shoulder to lean on and always show interest in what they have to say. You also need to establish a balance of giving and taking in the relationship so that no partner feels like they are doing all the work.

Bottom line

It’s indeed possible to meet your soulmate and build a healthy relationship that can withstand the test of time. The above tips should steer you in the right direction in this endeavor.

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