If only dating were as easy as scheduling an appointment with The Bunion Cure. Dating is an exciting, yet nerve-racking time. This is particularly true if you haven’t dated in a while or you’re completely new to it. Either way, we’re here to offer you some advice on 7 things you should absolutely not do on a first date.

Let’s get into it!

Don’t Bring Up an Ex

One of the worst things that you can do on a first date is bringing up an ex. This is a surefire way to make your date not interested in you. It’s also important that if you’re still caught up on your ex you take some time to move on from it before you throw yourself back into the dating scene.

Don’t Monopolize the Conversation

Nobody enjoys not being able to get a word in. A date should be when both people share the communication space. While they want to hear about you, you should also want to learn more about them. On a first date, try not to interrupt, and be sure to ask your date questions instead of spending the whole time talking about yourself. (Honestly, this is good advice for any conversation you have with someone.)

Don’t Dress Impractically

You’ll want to be comfortable on your first date, so make sure that you wear something practical. Of course, this depends on what you’re doing on your date. But this isn’t the time to wear the new high heels you just purchased. Instead, wear an outfit that you know you’ll be comfortable with and feel confident in.

Don’t Meet Somewhere Private

It’s important that you keep your safety in mind on a first date. One of the ways that you can ensure you’re being smart is by meeting a first date in a public place. If they suggest picking you up or meeting at home, be sure to politely decline.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Many people often find themselves drinking a little too much on a first date. This could be from nerves or simply losing track of how much they’re consuming. Try and make a conscious effort to keep the drinks to a minimum. Getting drunk on a first date is always a bad idea, and it certainly makes a bad first impression.

Don’t Move Too Fast

Perhaps the date went perfectly, and you want to invite the new person over to your house. While it’s wonderful that the date is going well, you want to take things slow in the beginning. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know them better, so take it slow at the start of dating someone new.

Don’t Lie

You might wonder if it’s okay to tell a little white lie on your first date. Our advice would be to be completely honest. While you can keep details to a minimum, you don’t want to start a new relationship with dishonesty. Be transparent with the questions they ask. If anything, you can always tell them you aren’t comfortable answering something that they ask you.

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