The Absolute Advantages of Russian Brides

Many men dream about stunning Russian brides. What makes them so desirable? Check our guide!

Russian Brides: Incredibly Attractive

Many men looking for a partner want a woman from Eastern Europe and Russia. Have you decided to find a Russian mail order bride? Good for you! But there are a few things to consider here. Cultural differences, distances, and prejudices can put huge obstacles in your way. We help you to pay attention to what matters! Let’s take a look at all the benefits of Russian ladies and several other important aspects.

Benefits of Russian Women

There are a number of advantages of Russian mail-order brides. Below are some relevant aspects described.

Stunning Appearance

Slavic ladies, in general, and Russian mail-order brides, in particular, are famous for their beauty. So, having chosen a Russian hottie, you will make men around you envious.

Care and Love

If a Russian woman loves a man, she devotes her life to him. She will take care of you and create a cozy home to be there for you. The home will be cozy and comfortable so that you feel safe and loved. Russian women pass on this very special feature from generation to generation. 

No Cheating

Girls in Russia have always been taught to be devoted spouses. Since Russian men are well known for cheating, local women are often looking for stable partnerships in the Western area.

Delicious Food

Russian cuisine is known for its diversity. This multifacetedness in the aromas and tastes is vividly shown in the cooking skills of Russian women. They learn to cook from their mothers and pass on the tradition from generation to generation. If you choose a Russian woman, you will enjoy good cuisine and tasty dishes.

How Russia Shaped Its Wives

Even before the times of socialism and especially during that time, women in Russia worked just as hard as men. And in addition, they also took care of children and the household. Little has changed to this day! They are true all-rounders who sometimes seem serious and cold, but they simply keep their vulnerable souls hidden under a firm shell.

An average Russian mail-order bride is educated, self-confident and beautiful. She can work hard, but she also longs for a man who appreciates her. 

Traditional Family Picture

Ladies from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are conservatively educated. This means that they usually have a traditional way of thinking about family. This includes a classic distribution of roles in the family: The man is the “strong and dominant breadwinner and protector” of the family. The woman’s role is to ensure harmony and coziness in the family, educate the children and support her husband. In family life, the woman can give wise advice, but the final decision remains with the man.

The man should also “conquer” the woman’s attention. That is, take the initiative, distribute compliments and make an effort to please the lady. In Russia, men always take the initiative: both in private and business life.

It is not without reason that a Russian proverb says that the best jewelry of a woman is her modesty.

Highly Feminine

Russian and all other Eastern European women are considered particularly beautiful. But why is that? Only because of the Slavic roots? These certainly play a role. But their awareness of their appearance is much more important. In most Eastern European countries, it is a duty and lifestyle of women to look perfect in every life situation. That’s why they attach great importance to hairstyle, and make-up, often wearing tight-fitting clothes and, of course, high heels. This is not about cheap “selling yourself,” as many Western emancipated women would now mock. Slavic women are proud of their femininity and want to present it.

Another cliché is that Russian women would like to be the dear housewife at the stove and want to make themselves completely dependent on a man. It is a big mistake! Never underestimate the strength of the Russian woman and her pursuit of independence.

Getting to Know a Russian Bride

There are many dating agencies that promise to help you get to know a Russian mail-order bride, but you should choose those that offer better options and provide nice security. A good site is one where you can talk directly to the ladies and exchange personal contacts outside the dating site. Another important feature is checking the profiles by moderators: it ensures the absence of fraudsters and fakes. When dating with local mail-order brides, we recommend sticking to the following recommendations.

  • Never send money online to a woman you have never met in person. Be polite and friendly in your communication with the lady.
  • Only ask for personal contact if you have confidence in your partner. You can communicate via video conference to check if a person is real and to see her gestures and feelings.
  • Stay in public and safe places on your first date. You can invite a lady to a coffee or dinner in a restaurant. Russian women appreciate generous men.
  • If you want a strong relationship with her, you should make your serious intentions clear from the beginning. In general, these hotties are not too demanding: they are not gold-diggers and are looking for genuine feelings.


All in all, it is easier nowadays to find a bride to meet your needs. All you have to do is to choose a reliable website, register, provide some details about yourself, and voila – you can start your search. As you can see from the article, Russian ladies are perfect candidates, so give it a try.

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