Nowadays, we live in a world where you are supposed to find the love of your life by swiping right. So, it is no surprise that people, in particular men, remain clueless about the dating world. Although the dating game has been around since, well, forever, it is normal to feel puzzled regarding certain aspects of it to this day.

People tend to be anxious about the first date specifically. And, we all know how important the first date is. It can easily make or break a future relationship. While it is vital to make sure you are being the best version of yourself on first dates, remember that you should be your healthiest version, too. You can always acquire all the essentials you need from online pharmacies such as Click Pharmacy.

However, we have good news for you; there is no need to worry about first dates. Just have fun, be your true self and remember that it is okay to ask for help. To help you out, we have compiled the 5 best first date tips for young men.

1.    Mentally Prepare Yourself

Mentally preparing yourself for a first date can be the critical difference between seeing your date once again or never talking to them again. Think of it as a mental exercise for a game night. Here are a few things that you can do in order to prepare yourself for a first date mentally:

Visualize the Date

You should vividly imagine the first date. Plan out where you want to go, what you want to do, and make time for a conversation at the best restaurants in Blue Bell, PA (or wherever else you may be). Visualize the chosen setting, environment, and conversation topics. This will allow you to quickly brainstorm topics that you could ask your date, along with funny stories regarding those topics. You can think up banter and jokes about the environment, too. If you ever thought you would get in trouble in such a situation, then the girlfriend activation system best dating advice might come in handy.

Find Motivation

It is entirely normal to feel nervous, anxious, or excited. But, you have to try your best to shake off that ‘fight or flight’ response by finding true inner motivation. Set a goal for the date and try your best to achieve it. Also, be upfront about your intentions. Find the courage to be honest about whether you are looking for a long-term thing or just a fling. 

2.    Form a Deeper, Emotional Bond

Now, it does not necessarily mean to trauma dump in the middle of a first date in order to form an emotional bond. It can mean simply having a conversation that is not entirely meaningless. Try to have one of the most memorable dates by transitioning from a ‘transactional’ conversation to an ‘emotional’ conversation.

Keep in mind that it is sometimes not possible to get to know a person inside out simply on the first date. There is nothing wrong with getting to know someone like peeling an onion; getting to each layer little by little and with utmost patience. But, if you genuinely wish to see your date a few more times, you must work up to the emotional conversation instead of lingering in the transactional conversation for the entirety of the date.

If you are looking to connect and want to do it quickly, you must climb your way up to the communication ladder – but do so with precaution since it can make the other feel that you are moving too fast.

3.    Be Vulnerable

The most common thing in all of this is that you should not be afraid to be vulnerable. While you may begin the first date with small talk and icebreakers, try to take the conversation to the next level if you feel like the other person is comfortable with it. And you can do so by being open and vulnerable.

Take the lead. Offer to share something personal that showcases your vulnerability. You can share a story from your childhood, a past dating experience – anything that reflects your values, character, and personality.

4.    Be an Active Listener

Listening is a very important part of dating. While it is extremely easy, it is the one thing that men are unable to do. This particular tip goes hand-in-hand with the first one. When you are trying to make conversation or if you are asking a question, the best thing to do is listen and not talk. This does not mean that you should stay quiet and not participate in the conversation; it means that when the other person is talking, you should not talk over them. It is basic conversation etiquette.

5.    End the Date with a Compliment

By the end of the night, you have probably already decided in your head whether or not you want to keep in touch or have a second date with the person or not. So, whatever your decision is, you can leave them with one last kindness. And that is a sincere compliment. Use their name softly, make direct eye contact and pay them a meaningful compliment (make sure it does not border on any harassment comment). Not only will this make them feel good, but it will allow the date to end on a positive note.

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