Instagram Dating Tips

Instagram is one of the best social media to connect with people. Hence, it has become one of the most effective dating applications. You don’t have to slip into unknown women’s DMs, but you DO have to exchange Instagram handles with girls you meet on conventional dating sites and in person.

Women are more confident exchanging Instagram profiles with men they meet at first than their phone numbers. Instagram keeps you at the top of her attention as your story and post will always appear in her timeline. Here are some tips you must know to DM a girl.

Always swap Instagram ID rather than a phone number

Instagram offers all of the messaging features that come with a contact number. You will learn more about her. You can silently attract her through Instagram. It’s extensible. You can only attract a single woman at a time with a phone number. If you share appealing content on Instagram, you can draw a large number of women and create a good social connection.

 Instagram has become a habit for the young generation. Instagram keeps you at the center of her attention. She feels connected to your life with your regular story updates.

Upload your recent and attractive pictures

Whether you are good-looking or not, a good picture and pose can always grab women’s attention. Share pictures of your regular days and hobbies to make her more aware of your life. Try to post a story or post similar to her interest since mutual interest would be a great start to the conversation.

Build a beautiful timeline and share stories about your thoughts; if she has a good sense of humor, you may share memes and reels on Instagram. Unfortunately, due to many creeps around the town, women prefer to share Instagram profile rather than contact number since it is more private.

Add and reply to her story

Women usually don’t prefer to make the first move; hence you can always add similar posts and thoughts to your Instagram story and reply to her story, which compliments your feed. Even if you are having a long boring day, you may share it on the story, share pictures and videos of your group of friends hanging out together, especially if there are other women in the group. Don’t forget to add highlights of the best stories you upload. Highlights give her a better understanding of your personality before you met her.

Write an Attractive bio

The Instagram bio should always be short, simple, and decent. Avoid using cake murder on this day, landed on earth on that day kind of bio. Express yourself in a short phrase. Even if you wish to add your birth date, write decently. You can also add your hobbies in your bio. Always remember not to mess with the bio since it is the first thing people see in your profile.


There are many reasons why people may find Instagram dating more user-friendly than software designed exclusively for getting partners. Instagram can give amazing insights into anyone’s personality and contemporary dating sites.


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