To maintain your relationship alive, take small but impactful steps to reignite romance and passion between you and your partner. These steps will keep your flame of love alive. 

Many couples are complaining about their struggles to keep relationships alive. Couples often overlook essential elements in a relationship, leading to issues. If you’re facing challenges, don’t worry; I have explained the reasons and provided guidance on keeping your relationship alive. Bring a little change and something new to add spice to your relationship. Trying something new and different can help, but there are also certain pitfalls to avoid. 

Why does the spark not long in relationships 

There are certain factors due to which your relationship loses its charm and your interest. At first, everything goes well, but over time you may notice that you and your partner cannot keep the fire alive in your relationship. 

This is because you became busy in your life and started ignoring your partner. You may not have planned a long-term future with your partner. Sometimes, you may not prioritize your partner’s physical needs due to conflicts or hectic routines. You may not be fully sharing yourself, which can harm your relationship. Avoid these things in your life to keep the fire alive.  

Ten advice on how to keep your relationship alive

“Sparking new interest in your relationship is just like sparking interest in a new relationship: make your interest in the other person very clear, offer something new and different, and lock eyes just a bit longer than feels natural. Be fully present and share your admiration every chance you get. Dress differently or share your excitement about something new, and communicate the depth of your interest with your eye contact. It works.” – recommended relationship expert Patty Newbold

Here are the ten pieces of advice to keep your relationship alive. Hold on to them tight in your life:

Appreciate your spouse

Appreciation for small acts of kindness and expressing gratitude fills one’s heart with love and affection. Always appreciate your spouse, so they will remain humble and gentle towards you. Conflicts and misunderstandings are less likely to occur.

Do not overuse your phone when with your partner.

Today phones have become an addiction, and it is hard to put the phone down even while working, eating, or during a conversation. Spare your time for your spouse, give them full attention, and put your phone down. Otherwise, your partner feels ignored and neglected. 

Give space by being apart for a short period.

Give space to your partner so they can do their stuff without any distractions and stress. Spend a little time away from your partner; it will increase the worth of your presence in their life. You will also get time to do your stuff, like self-care. 

Ask for something different and new.

Trust your partner and regularly ask them for something new to keep the flame of love burning in a long-lasting relationship. Request gestures that make you feel good, such as flowers, compliments, positive feedback, or planning small dates. Reciprocate these actions to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. 

Greet each other with affection.

Share kind and loving words when greeting your partner to ignite feelings of being loved. Expressing care and love is crucial for burning the fire of love in your relationship.

Tell your partner why you love them.

Relationships are filled with romance and constant verbal affection in the initial stages. However, as routines settle in, the feeling of love can fade. To maintain the spark, regularly express love, share reasons why you love your partner, and appreciate their actions.

Share what you did all day with your partner.

Sharing your daily highs and lows with your partner increases trust and strengthens your bond. Doing this helps maintain healthy communication between you and your spouse.

Plan surprises for your partner

Planning surprises other than birthdays and anniversaries will make your partner feel special, and they will love you back more. It shows your love for your partner and how much you remember them daily. These surprises keep your relationship alive.  

Create a memory bank together.

Build a happy memory bank during relationship challenges with items representing joyful moments. When struggles arise, reflect on them to shift focus towards love and joy. Use a diary to store small items from special occasions, dates, or celebrations, nurturing the bond amidst conflicts.

Make time for physical love. 

Showing affection through small acts of physical love, such as kissing, hugging, and snuggling, strengthens and keeps the relationship romantic. It demonstrates that your passion for your partner remains fresh and grows daily.

Seven ways to reset your relationship

Here are the seven ways how to rekindle your relationship:

Remove conflict with fun.

Embrace conflicts to revive your relationship. Resolve them wisely and promptly before they escalate. Use humor to lighten intense moments with your partner, fostering happiness amidst disagreements.

Revive nostalgic moments

Recall fond memories to rekindle relationships. Reflect on nostalgic moments for closeness and satisfaction. Revisit old romantic photos, messages, and favorite spots. Reminisce about love’s depth and reflect on your journey together. Renew the bond and reignite the flame of love.

Plan date nights more often

Over time, partners plan fewer dates, spend less alone time, and share less. Revive love by planning quality time together, increasing intimacy, and strengthening your bond.

Try new things together.

Revive your love life by trying new activities together. Find a shared hobby, increasing oxytocin release and strengthening your bond. Try something new together with your partner that you haven’t done before, such as: 

  • Plant flowers in your garden
  • Try out a new recipe 
  • Play video games and sports together
  • Plan your getaway vacation or weekend 
  • Join any dance class 

Bring more physical affection.

As time passes, partners often neglect physical needs. Revive your relationship by increasing physical affection: hold hands, hug, kiss, snuggle, and be sexually active. It releases oxytocin and serotonin, combat stress, strengthen bonds, and ignite love’s flame.

Communicate effectively and with affection.

Words matter in a relationship. Cheerful, kind, and affectionate expressions strengthen bonds. Simple phrases like “I Love You,” “Miss You,” and “Thank You” ease tough times. Appreciate your partner’s qualities. Rekindle love and trust, and deepen the relationship.

Control your emotions

When you reach a mature age, you have more control over your emotions than your teenage years. That means you should be able to figure out the root cause of your feelings, such as frustration, anger, or annoyance. Freely communicate with your partner, express your feelings, and work together to overcome problems. 

When you start ignoring small acts of kindness and affection in your relationship, your partner also starts losing interest and love for you. If you want to keep that fire alive in your relationship or rekindle it, then start following ideas on reigniting romance and passion between you and your partner. You will notice positive results.

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