Creating a dating profile is a daunting task. Do you keep thinking most of the time, “What should I write” or “will it be appropriate”? All these questions make dating through virtual mode even more challenging.

It is challenging to come up with an impressive and attention-grabbing dating profile. Your bio is the first message that can make your personality shine or make people perceive it cringe. I was looking for some dating profiles just for reference; I was surprised to find someone writing about his height, hobbies, plenty of strings of emojis, or other things. Your bio should be short and crisp. No one wants to read more extensive paragraphs. Writing a match profile can be hectic if you are unaware of its fundamentals. 

If you want to know how to stand out on dating apps, we will discuss more in-depth dating profiles with real-life experiences.

How to Write a Match Profile?

When making a dating profile, you don’t have to explain everything about yourself. If you don’t write it engagingly, this profile can be a barrier between you and your dreams. So, how will you write a short and sweet bio? Here are some tips on how to write your match profile and nail it. 

Stop telling your traits. I found a profile in which the guy wrote alpha male qualities, “Simple, smart, honest, successful, and so on” I mean, how can I see it? If you are writing like this, you are probably taking many risks. Instead, it would help if you express your sense of humor and adventure.

  1. Start with an intriguing story.

If the starting lines of your profile are tedious, no one will read more. You can start with a story or anecdote describing a trip, any event, or incident; here, you have decent freedom to express your sense of humor. 

  1. Describe what you do

The person reading your profile will love it if you mention it interestingly. For example, “I am fond of outfits, I keep myself thinking about the newest styles and trends, and I bring it into my collections; as you know, owning and running a clothing shop is engaging work.” But you cannot describe it well if you do not love your work. Your job speaks a lot about your goals, ambitions, stability, and responsiveness. 

  1. Write about your hobbies and passion.

Refrain from being so descriptive about what you like or what you do. Instead, write something engaging about your hobbies. For example, if you want to do a workout, write it like, “After the end of my work schedule, I love hitting the gym for a few laps in a pool.” 

  1. Describe what kind of match you are looking for

This part is to describe what kind of person would attract you. Let the person know what activities you would love to see your partner doing. For example, if you like a partner who could cook better, you can write it as “it will be more fun if we experiment in the kitchen together.”

  1. What to Say about Yourself on a Dating App?

The issue is how you can write an effective yet precise bio. I browsed how to make a great online dating profile, and the result was so perplexing. Some pages suggested, “You should post better pictures of yours,” while some were like, “be specific with whatever you’re posting.” Yet, I was considering whether I could create a dating profile that could stand out as mesmerizing. 

So, I have come up with a solution, why not be honest about ourselves? All you need to be explicit; it is the golden rule for writing a profile. Talk about your hobbies and interests, the unique thing about yourself, or anything which makes you attractive. 

And as for the best profile photo, there is a response of expert Jennifer Miotke (President and Matchmaker in : 

“A woman needs a great head shot of her laughing up close head shot looking happy, not sexy. Men want a happy, fun woman.”

What to Put On a Dating Profile?

Your profile or “about me” section is everything on the dating site. Most of you must have searched for how to stand out in dating headlines. You don’t need to explore all these things if you can put basic details most majestically. Only with this can you attract a person or find an ideal match. Therefore, you should put the following in your profile:-

  1. Best profile and reference pictures
  2. Your best qualities and secret talent
  3. Precise summary of your hobbies
  4. Social media handles
  5. Expectations and intentions
  6. Icebreaker questions
  7. Authenticity about you

10 Tips to Make Your Profile Special

Almost everyone has a dating profile, but only a few can catch the attention. A Pew Research Center Survey found that nearly 50% of US people observed that dating had become harder in the last decades.

Most people find it more compatible with looking for a dating partner via dating apps or sites. So, there should be something unique about your dating profile to make it shine. Here is how you could make it.

  1. You can take the assistance of a friend who tells you your honest and positive traits.
  2. Write about yourself that can be a conversation starter. Avoid clichés. 
  3. Look at others’ profiles to grab inspiration and define how to improve more.
  4. Choosing the pictures to post is daunting. Post action shots that can effectively portray what you do or like to do.
  5. Be specific, honest, and positive yet precise in your profile.
  6. Keep updating or refreshing your profile at regular intervals. Add more exciting moments.
  7. Avoid grammatical errors and write wisely.
  8. It is good to keep posting your latest pictures.
  9. Characterize your real personality. Being over smart can turn everything against you. 
  10. Remember to show your sense of humor.

The Bottom Line

Dating will automatically become more straightforward if you know the fundamentals of writing. Writing is an art in itself. No one can beat your profile if you can make it fascinating, relevant, and engaging.

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