If you take a look at marriage and divorce numbers here in Australia, it is clear that many couples call it a day and contact divorce lawyers. Some would say the reason for this is the stressful times we are currently living in; many people were made redundant during the pandemic and financial issues definitely put pressure on a relationship.

Here are a few tips from a marriage counsellor on keeping a marriage healthy.

  • Be unpredictable – In a positive way, of course, make sure that he or she can never be sure what you are going to do. Surprise your partner with a gift once in a while, for no other reason than you love them; this kind of behaviour is warmly appreciated and your partner will raise their game.
  • Be funny – Humour is a wonderful thing; laughing releases endorphins and it can diffuse a situation. If you are in dialogue and you think it is heading for an argument, crack a joke and you can both laugh about it. It is never a good idea to be serious all the time; seeing the funny side of stuff is a known stress reliever.
  • Be open – Your soulmate is someone you can tell anything, so if you have a problem, consult with your partner and you may find a solution; problems shared are problems halved. If you are looking at bespoke suits in Sydney together and your partner asks for your opinion, honestly is the best policy. If you think a suit looks out of place, tell them and they will appreciate your honesty.
  • Be supportive – We all have our good and bad days and if your soulmate has had a rough one, go out of your way to help them relax and if they want to talk about it, be there for them. If he or she failed to land that plum job, for example, remind them that there will be other opportunities and generally make them feel better. Click here for 5 ways to surprise your girlfriend.
  • Be reliable – Your word is your bond and letting people down is never good, especially if it’s your partner. If you arrange to meet at the shopping mall and you’re going to be late, text them. Running a family home is a team effort and aside from doing your chores, do a few of theirs, it will be appreciated.
  • Be positive – If both parties have a positive mental attitude, the relationship can ride most issues; many relationships work because one party is a glass-half-empty person while the other is a glass-half-full type, which balances things out nicely. Worry is a negative emotion, of that you can be sure and many relationships end because of stress and anxiety.

Life can be tough but it can also be wonderful and as far as marriage goes, you have to put in the work to maintain a healthy & vibrant relationship.

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