When life gets ruff, you need loyal companions by your side. But which do you need more—a significant other or an adorable puppy?

Do you need a BF or GF, or would a dog better suit your needs? Take this quiz, and we’ll ultimately decide your fate. Keep track of how many A’s, B’s, and C’s you get, and we’ll tell you whether you need a pet or a person.

1. What qualities do you look for most in a significant other?

A: Playful, loyal, and protective

B: Intellectual, funny, and thoughtful

C: Um, all of the above?

2. How needy are you?

A: I need to be showered with affection

B: I love attention but also enjoy my alone time

C: I ALWAYS need to be the center of attention

3. What’s your ideal date night?

A: Snuggling by the fireplace watching a movie *I* picked

B: Going out for dinner, dancing, and drinks

C: Doing something outdoorsy and finishing by watching the sunset

4. How would you describe your “type”?

A: Someone athletic with ah-mazing hair

B: Someone who has gorgeous eyes and smells yummy

C: Anyone with a swoon-worthy smile

5. What kind of commitment are you trying to make?

A: I’m not looking for a fling—I want something real

B: Something casual. If it’s meant to be, it’ll work out

C: This is a lifelong journey

6. Where do you normally spend your Saturday afternoons?

A: Taking a walk in the park enjoying the sunshine

B: In the bedroom, well, ya know

C: Chowing down at brunch

7. Do you want to travel?

A: Not really, I’m content where I’m at

B: Yes! I want to go everywhere and experience everything

C: Maybe a little bit, but then I want to settle down

8. When you get in a fight with your S.O., how does it usually end?

A: They normally give in and apologize to me first

B: We try to talk it out and come to a compromise

C: Doesn’t matter. I’m ALWAYS right.

9. Does size matter?

A: Size doesn’t matter as long as I love them

B: Um… Yes?

C: Depends on what you’re talking about.

10. What sounds the worst?

A: Having to put the toilet seat down before you pee every day

B: Picking up piles of dog sh*t every day

C: Having neither of the above but being lonely

Now, tally up your answers!


Mostly A’s: You need a dog.

FINALLY, someone who’s always willing to cuddle with you even if their arm falls asleep and even if you haven’t showered for four days. You can always count on a dog for unconditional love and no drama—something boyfriends/girlfriends can’t always guarantee. Your friends will totally approve of your pup, and they’ll prob be jealous that they didn’t snag one first. Sure, your dog might get jealous easily and raise his voice occasionally, but he makes up for it with kisses and great hair. Plus, you deserve someone who jumps up and down when you walk in the room and absolutely can’t get enough of you.


Mostly B’s: You need a lover.

You might be a fan of animals, but nothing compares to having someone you can actually talk to and connect with. I mean, your pet makes a great listener, but in reality, not every canine is as smart as Scooby Doo. You need somebody who will pig out and watch a movie with you but can also chat about life. This person also recognizes that you have *needs* and can help you satisfy them. Besides, caring for a pet can sometimes be ruff.


Mostly C’s: You need both.

You’re needy AF, but that just means you deserve both a sig other AND a pup who will give you plenty of attention! You need the annoying constant love from a dog and the deeper human connection from a lover. You also may or may not have used the words “good boy” or “bad boy” in a sexual context. Maybe look for a guy with shaggy blonde golden retriever-esque hair or a woman with blue husky eyes. Or just, ya know, adopt a dog with your lover because the quiz said so.

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About the Author: Sierra Burgos

Sierra is an Editorial Intern and Drake University student who was born and raised in California. When she’s not dishing on Hollywood’s hottest, she enjoys experimenting with beauty and fashion, watching videos of puppies, spending time outdoors, and basically living at Chipotle. Contact her on LinkedIn.

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