Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others
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Why Men Marry is a fascinating, well-researched relationship book geared towards women who want to marry but are frustrated with either their lack of prospects or the unwillingness of their partner to marry them.


  • The entire book is based on a scientific study taken on by the author.
  • Straightforward, easy to read, and well laid out overall.
  • Interesting, engaging, and without judgement.
  • Book is equally useful for both women over 35 and younger gals.


  • Some readers may find small portions of the book more common sense than anything else.
  • A more useful read for women currently in a relationship.


  • Author: John T. Molloy
  • Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA
  • ISBN: 0446531138, 9780446531139 Hardcover
  • US Publication Date: 2003
  • Price: $21.95/U.S. or $32.95/CAN
  • Book Details: 240 pages, no illustrations. The review refers to the hardcover edition.

Guide Review – Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others

Why Men Marry was conceived by a bevy of Mollow’s female researchers, frustrated with their own personal relationship situations and wanting answers as to why former boyfriends were marrying other women mere months after their breakups.

Because of this research, taken from interviews with more than 2500 women and their fiances over an eleven-year span, more than half of the unmarried female researchers married within three years. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Why Men Marry is chock-full of useful tidbits, information, and “Aha!” moments.

For instance: Women who have a larger circle of female friends get married, as do the women who directly communicate their need to be married to their partner early in their relationship. On the other hand, women with smaller social circles or who focus on their opposite-sex friendships, and women who only hint at or avoid the topic of marriage altogether, don’t.

Although the last two chapters weren’t nearly as useful as the rest of the book, and some of the information provided was so straightforward and common sense it was laughable (be more social and don’t dress inappropriately were both suggestions garnered from numerous men in the study), all such examples are easily avoided or skimmed without losing anything important.

All in all, Why Men Marry is an excellent relationship book providing insight into an oft-avoided dating topic and is highly recommended for all unmarried heterosexual women looking to take a walk down the altar within the next couple of years.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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