Tricks for Keeping Your New Dog Comfortable

Dogs make incredible pets because they are so loyal. They won’t leave your side, and they miss you when you’re gone. It can feel intimidating to be a new dog owner, but you’ll be an expert in no time if you follow these tricks for keeping your new dog comfortable.

Dog-Proof Your Home

So now you’ve taken that step and adopted a new dog! The next step is to make sure there is nothing your pup can get into or destroy in your home. You may think they’re shy at first, but they will soon find something to distract themselves. Whether it’s your slipper or a plant, chewing on or swallowing things not meant for dogs can be harmful. It’s also a good idea to invest in a sizeable crate so your new friend will have a safe space for when you can’t supervise them.

Consider Your Flooring

Hardwood flooring is preferable among many homeowners, so choosing the best hardwood flooring for dog owners is vital. Some types may contrast with your shedding dog’s fur, or others might scratch easily. You may also want to think about how absorbent your flooring is in case your canine pal has accidents during house training. Additionally, different types of flooring offer varying levels of traction and could be better for your dog’s safety when they have the zoomies.

Provide Playtime

As much as dogs love to sleep, they also like to play and need the appropriate amount of exercise daily. That’s why it’s important to provide yours with plenty of toys. It’s also ideal to take them on walks or let them run around in a dog park. Socializing your pup is important so that they don’t bite other people or get into fights with other dogs. This is one of the many tricks for keeping your new dog comfortable since it ensures your own safety as well.

Offer Training Treats

As you train your dog, consider using training treats. These treats are bite-sized and are a perfect addition to your bonding attempts. They encourage your dog to listen to you and become obedient. Plus, they still work as regular treats and are great for maintaining compliance throughout your dog’s life. With so many treats and other pet supplies, research those that are easiest for digestion and health.

Now that you have the tools to welcome your new dog, it’s time to put them into practice. Enjoy having a new best friend!

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