Despite your best efforts, you can’t help but worry whenever your dog leaves the safety of your property.

In this case, the Halo 2 Dog Fencing system is the answer. With the use of GPS and the Halo Collar app on your smartphone, it provides you with a real-time track of your dog’s locations and behavior.

In areas where dogs are not allowed, such as at a public park, garden, campground, or beach, the Halo fence can set up virtual borders that provide your dog with secure and gentle shock when approaching the edge of their permitted zones.

In this blog post, I’ll review its most impressive features and some points to consider before buying this amazing equipment. Continue reading!

Halo Invisible Fencing System

The best way to ensure your dog’s safety and security is with this cutting-edge smart dog fence. It’s a GPS tracker, an activity monitor, and a virtually undetectable barrier, all in one convenient package.

It’s an outstanding option for dogs of most sizes (save maybe the tiniest ones) and is safe for those over five months old and over 20 pounds.

Cesar Millan, a well-known dog trainer, and his business partner, Ken Ehrman, created the first Halo fence in 2017. From his extensive background working with pet dogs, he understood the importance of employing cutting-edge methods for animal security.

The Halo dog fence is revolutionary when combined with his methods of behavioural psychology training.

Halo invisible fence review demonstrated that this system allows you to set up fences anywhere: in your yard, the playground, or the beach. The fencing can be made simply by strolling along the perimeter.

The Halo app, which links the collar to your phone, is responsible for user-friendliness. You may use the app to check up on your pet while away. It records how often the fence sounds an alarm and how often they ignore it.

Top Features of the Halo Invisible Fence System

The Halo Collar GPS and the Halo app create an invisible fencing system, a helpful device for pet owners because of its pinpoint accuracy. 

Here I’ll discuss the updates and other enhancements in Halo 2+ fencing.

1- The user-friendly Halo Mobile Application

There is a limit of 20 wireless enclosures that can be set up with this application. It allows you to check in on your dog’s whereabouts anytime.

Everyone in the house can benefit from using the Halo app. Thus, it’s dog-friendly and can accommodate many owners.

The Halo app allows users to change the settings of their fences and beacons or put them on hold.

When your dog approaches a predetermined area, the Halo collar will sound an alarm and keep track of the duration of each action and the number of times it has been warned.

2- Built-in Halo Training Program

Introducing and training your dog with Halo fencing will take some time, but plenty of tutorial videos are available on YouTube to get you started.

A tutorial in the Halo app will show you how to set up the collar for your pet. This is an excellent programme for teaching your canine companion.

When it approaches the predetermined perimeter, your dog will be warned with an audible alarm. Once your dog leaves the edge, there will be no more responses.

3- Beacons Alert System

In the early sections of the Halo training course, you’ll learn how to use beacons, which are Bluetooth devices.

As a bonus, beacons can be used instead of traditional wireless fencing inside the house, making the Halo fence even more versatile.

You can use halo beacons within the house to keep your dog out of the kitchen and other restricted areas. Limit your dog’s “no-go” zone to certain regions by adjusting the beacon’s range.

With this versatile variety, dogs’ access can be restricted anywhere from individual tables to the entire room. Beacons demarcate “safe zones” within an existing fence zone where your dog will not receive any feedback from the barrier.

Through two-way communication, beacons can inform you when an app’s state has changed. The app also has a temporary mute feature.

Considerations to Remember When Purchasing a Halo Dog Fence

When searching for a Halo dog fence, two main factors should be prioritized by buyers:

Pricing: The first is that some customers may need help to afford the starting price of $999.

Paid subscription: The Halo Fence is a premium feature available only to paying subscribers. This is the most cost-effective option after looking into and testing the best collars out there.

Final Note

Pet owners can confine their dogs to a contained area using a digital fence. The Halo software makes it simple to create GPS-enabled virtual zones.

The fence is convenient for tourists because it can create a temporary fence at a dog park or on the beach.

You need to remember to charge the Halo Dog Fence every 21 hours. This is all for today’s post. I hope you find it interesting and informative. Happy shopping!

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