Tips for Pet Owners Moving Into a New Apartment
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More than 70% of people who rent apartments have some kind of pet. Because pets are seen by many as family members, more apartment complexes like the Winter Garden apartments are seeing the value in becoming pet-friendly.

However, you might be worried about how you and your pet will comfortably transition to an apartment lifestyle. Thankfully, with a few tips on how to keep your pet busy and your apartment in top shape, the change of scenery can be easier than you anticipate.

Making the Transition Easy On Your Pet

Start making the transition to a new home easier on your pet by giving your pet some time to get familiar with the place. It might seem small to you, but it can feel huge and overwhelming to them. If your dog or cat feels comfortable in a crate, it’s a good idea to have one out in the open in order to give them a “safe room” to go in when they need it. They’ll need time to get used to the smells, sights, and sounds, so don’t be nervous if they don’t seem to be comfortable for the first few days. They may also need additional training in a smaller space, so be ready for a little regression.

On average, dogs need about 30-60 minutes of physical activity a day. Cats also need some type of stimulation to keep themselves busy. You may have heard the expression that a “tired pet is a good pet,” and that rings true, especially in an apartment building. Living in a pet-friendly apartment community is great, but it’s still an apartment. Chances are, there isn’t a lot of space for a dog to run around or for a cat to roam freely.

So, make it a point to take a walk each day with your dog, or invest in pet-friendly toys for a dog or cat that can keep their minds and bodies occupied. When your pet isn’t bored, they’re less likely to go “stir crazy” within the apartment.

As you move in, take stock of cleaning products, medications, and houseplants. There are many household items that can be poisonous to your pet, and now is the perfect time to find safer ways to store them, or throw them out altogether. The last thing you want is for your precious pet to end up sick.

Apartment Maintenance and Care

Having a pet means running the risk of that pet causing damage. Even when you live in a pet-friendly apartment building, no landlord wants their complex destroyed by cat claws or dog scratches. Cat owners have to be especially careful. While dogs can cause more extensive, obvious damage, cats can create lasting damage problems in apartments, including the smell of urine that tends to linger, or allergens in the air.

In addition to knowing how to do basic repairs like painting or sanding, it’s also important to know how to unclog a tub. If you’re regularly giving your pet a bath in your tub, it won’t take long for the hair they shed to start to build up. Knowing how to unclog a tub by yourself can save you hundreds of dollars, and will help to ensure you’ll get your deposit back on the apartment if you ever move.

Adjusting to Your New Space

Remember to take the time to care for yourself during this transition, too. Even if the move is for a good reason, any major life change can cause stress. But, when you live in a pet-friendly city, you have the added benefit of getting your four-legged friend out and about so they can have social interaction, and you can meet some fellow pet owners too! It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people in a new place.

Moving in with someone else? If they also have a pet, a good way to get everyone introduced and set the tone for a positive experience is to put together a gift basket for them with pet-friendly goodies. You can also put together a basket for yourself if you’re moving on your own or you’re moving in with a petless roommate. Having the right gifts, toys, and equipment for your pet can make it easier to develop a new routine.

Though moving into a new apartment with your pet can feel a little overwhelming at first, it doesn’t have to be a negative change. Give your pet extra attention, make sure they stay active and take care of your own needs as much as possible. Before you know it, your new place will start to feel like home!

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