Tips For Grooming Your Dog At Home

Dogs are very adorable, which makes it one of the factors we love them so much. We tend to give them much attention. Some families sleep and eat with their dogs, while some treat them like humans by making them wear clothes.

The right food also allows these cherished household pets to get all the nutrients they need to grow from frail puppies to strong adult dogs. Freshly prepared dog food is also advantageous because it does not harbor bacteria and pathogens is better for digestion and contribute to your four-legged friend’s shinier coat.

Grooming them regularly gives them a lot of benefits. It makes them healthier and cleaner.

However, what most dog owners do is clean their pets’ hair. They use brushes to remove ticks and fleas, keeping their dog’s skin healthy. For bigger dogs, they use larger brushes, such as dog brushes for labradors, to cover more areas.

We all wish it were easy for us to groom our dogs. They tend to be uncooperative, so completing the process is complicated. Ultimately, we take them to a professional, which doesn’t help us save money.

To help you with your dog grooming concerns, here are seven tips.

1. Use positive reinforcement.

Your dog might think that grooming is a threat, which makes them nervous and tends to be uncooperative. Instead of forcing your way through the process, it’s best to use positive reinforcements.

You can expect they will be uncooperative in the first few tries, but getting them used to the tools will lessen their anxiety and make them think of it as a regular activity.

Encourage them to stay in one spot by using their favorite treats and give them one again for every successful grooming step. Yet, again, don’t rush it.

2. Be calm and patient.

Our dogs can sense our feelings, whether it is positive or negative. Dogs can also detect our emotions with our voices.

Your dog will most likely feel uncomfortable when you groom them. Their feelings will intensify if they see you are anxious. So take your time relaxing before starting the process.

As pet owners, we would probably feel anxious about it. So do it slowly, and avoid any signs that’ll let your dogs know your feelings, such as trembling and excessive panting.

3. Take one step at a time.

As mentioned, dogs can be uncooperative, especially in grooming. If you do all the steps in one day, they would most likely be traumatized and never want to experience it again.

Instead, try to do little things daily and turn grooming into part of your daily routine.

For instance, you can spend at least five minutes of your time brushing your dog’s hair every day. This will prevent shedding, which means your time to clean the hair in your house is also lessened.

4. Clip nails regularly.

Clipping your dog’s nails is critical in grooming as it affects their posture. You don’t need to do it every day. You can trim their nails every three to six weeks.

You can find various nail clippers for dogs at your local pet store, most of which have a safety feature that keeps them safe from bleeding.

The process can be tough, but as long as you have the right products, everything will work out just fine. So ensure you have the right tools when trimming your dog’s nails.

If you feel unconfident, you can always ask your vet to show the process to you on your next visit.

5. Use the right equipment.

You must purchase the right equipment when you buy pet groping tools for your dogs.

Not all dogs have the same size. This means their nails and fur needs can be different. Dogs with long hair need bigger and longer brushes. The size of nail clippers will also vary.

Ask your local pet store what size is ideal for your dog. You can also consult your vet to help you figure out the right size.

Since this is for your dog’s health, it’s best to invest in high-quality kits.

6. Go for pet-friendly grooming products.

Our dog’s grooming needs are different from humans. For instance, our shampoos and soaps have more potent chemicals for our dog’s skin. Using shampoos for humans will damage your dog’s skin.

In some cases, dogs can be allergic to some ingredients, so it is best always to read the label of what you are buying.

You can ask your vet if they have specific recommendations because these things can affect your dog’s health, especially with their skin.

7. Don’t overdo it!

We understand that you want your dog constantly to be clean, but overdoing it can do the opposite.

For example, when you shampoo them almost every day, you are stripping the natural oils from their bodies. As a result, they would have dry, itchy skin.

Bathing them at least once a month is enough. If you find them dirty or smelly, you can give them an additional bath, but just a quick one.

Don’t forget to dry them right after the bath to keep their fur healthy.

Patience Is The Key

Grooming your dog is somewhat challenging. But by following these tips above, your dog will have a pleasant experience, thinking that grooming is a positive experience. Remember to be patient, as this is for your dog’s well-being.

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