Do Scottish Folds get sick easily?

Animal care is always basic, although depending on the breed, some are more dependent than others. Scottish fold health problems can be numerous if professional advice is not followed.

This Scottish kitten, very friendly, calm and a big fan of his owners, will make you fall in love with his round face and tiny ears. But as previously mentioned, parenting can be a bit tricky. For that, we present the best care and hygiene tips for your Scottish Fold cat. You won’t see the everyday limits of this tame cat.

Currently, crossing between two cats of the same breed is not recommended, due to health problems leading to gene mutations that directly affect cartilage. This is the main cause of the Scottish Fold ear shape, and also the cause of chronic diseases such as arthritis.

The Scottish Fold’s striking ears are the result of changes in the bone that lead to osteodystrophy, a pathology that causes the spine to fuse and the joints of the extremities to be covered with cartilage, making it difficult for the cat to move.

Ears can have serious consequences if not treated properly. The folds facilitate the occurrence of otitis, ear parasites, and other ear infections. Therefore, cleaning their ears is the fastest way to stop this symptom.

Scottish Fold Health Issues

How to clean the ears properly?

To prevent all kinds of mite infections and otitis, it is important to clean your Scottish Fold’s ears with a cloth dampened with water. Doing this every week will be enough to keep your ears healthy. Because of the peculiar folds in their ears, the Scottish folds are more likely to accumulate dirt, and are more difficult to detect and clean.

Some care advice:

  • Your cat’s nails and teeth should be cleaned weekly. Just like your eyes, which with a simple damp cloth or gauze with physiological serum will be free from dirt.
  • Using a metal toothed comb will help remove dead hair from your Scottish Fold Kittens
  • By brushing gently every day, and more intensely every 2-3 times a week, you will also prevent swallowing hairballs and suffering from intestinal problems.
  • Feeding is one of the most important points in the life of the Scottish Fold. It is very important to feed him a diet rich in protein and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that care for his hair, skin and joints. A diet low in calcium will help to maintain the original folds in the ears, avoiding any kind of malformations.

While this is a fun activity for those who spend all their time at home, it is normal that at some point you will have to take a break. For this reason, we propose one of the objects that kittens love most, and the Scottish fold is nothing short of: a scratching post. Apart from having fun, this will help clean the cat’s nails.

If anything characterizes this cat, apart from its ears, it is its intelligence and curiosity about everything it sees. This way of being like this helps the Scottish Fold to get along with children and other animals. Without a doubt, this owl-turned-cat will make you unable to live without it.

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