9 Reasons Why Fresh Dog Food is the Best for Your Pup

Fresh dog food might seem like an unnecessary addition to your weekly grocery list. But when you consider the health benefits it offers your canine companion, it becomes clear that fresh dog food should be part of your weekly routine.

If you love your dog and want to give him the healthiest, freshest meals possible, then fresh dog food may be just what you’re looking for! A fresh dog food contains natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are perfect for making your pooch feel healthy, happy, and full of energy! Here are some of the most important reasons to feed your pup fresh dog food.

1) Feeding Time Means Fun Time

Feeding your dog fresh food means a new level of fun and enjoyment, so you will have twice as much to enjoy each day. After all, your dog will be healthier with fresh dog food.

You might even find that he suddenly enjoys eating his kibble when it’s mixed in with fresh treats! If you want to improve your relationship with your best friend, there’s no better place to start than at mealtime.

2) Better Absorption

Dry dog food doesn’t have enough water to properly metabolize all of its nutrients. And when your pet’s digestive system doesn’t absorb all of those nutrients, that means your pup isn’t getting as much out of his meals.

When you buy fresh dog food, though, you can add it to more easily digestible (and moist) liquids like water or broth. Not only will your pet be absorb better, but it also lowers the risk of disease and illness in dogs with weak stomachs or sensitive systems.

3) Improved Digestion

It’s no secret that processed dog food is far inferior to fresh dog food in terms of nutrition. However, what many don’t realize is that poor-quality pet food can lead to serious digestive issues in dogs and cats. Because of their low quality, processed foods are harder for pets’ bodies to digest and absorb nutrients from.

This means your pet may be getting fewer vitamins and minerals than they need from their diet. Animals with poor digestion often have trouble absorbing certain nutrients at; like calcium, which could result in bone loss over time. When it comes to fresh dog food versus processed foods, you should choose with your heart and stomach!

4) Fewer Allergies

As a whole, dogs are prone to allergies. Commercial dog food contains several preservatives and additives that could be making your pup sick. Switching to fresh dog food will reduce their exposure to these irritants and provide them with high-quality proteins that are likely healthier than what’s offered at your local grocery store or pet store.

5) Brighter Eyes

When it comes to dog food, one of my top priorities as a pet owner is ensuring that I’m choosing a brand that’s made from real ingredients. The last thing you want to do when you feed your furry friend is filled their belly with dyes and preservatives.

6) A Healthier Coat

Since your dog’s skin is its largest organ, it helps to think about what he’s ingesting. For instance, if you give him a fresh diet of meats, vegetables, and whole grains, it’ll be easier on his system.

And because healthy skin equals a healthy coat and healthier dog, take notice of how your pup looks and feels after switching up his food. Are there noticeable differences in his health? His coat? His energy levels? Your vet can help with insight as well, so don’t be shy to ask! You want to make sure you feed your pup foods that are good for him!

7) A Longer Life

What do you do when your dog starts to slow down? Do you try and find ways to stimulate your dog’s mind so that he has a little more to get up and go? One of those ways would be giving him fresh dog food.

Dogs are getting older these days, just like their owners. On average, dogs live between 10-20 years old. However, some can live as long as 25 years! It is important to keep your pup healthy in his later years by making sure that his diet consists of fresh food.

8) Whiter Teeth

Dogs that are fed fresh food tend to have whiter teeth than dogs that eat processed food. The last thing you want is a dog with yellow teeth, so why not make it easier on yourself and give them food made from all natural ingredients?

In addition to reducing your pet’s risk of gum disease, you’ll be able to wipe away those doggie breath issues by feeding them fresh dog food. Most fresh foods are grain free and low in preservatives, two traits that directly affect dental hygiene. With fresh dog food, your pup can smile with confidence!

9) Tastes Better!

Dogs have a much more sophisticated sense of taste than people do. The average human has 9,000 taste buds, while dogs have around 300 million. That means they can experience flavors that we can’t even imagine!

Most dry kibble contains cheap fillers and doesn’t resemble anything in their natural diet, many dogs simply don’t enjoy it very much. It also lacks flavor or maybe too spicy. A fresh diet gives your dog a balanced meal, with all-natural ingredients and flavors that bring out their full potential for taste. Studies also show that pets who are fed a fresh diet are less likely to suffer from certain health issues like allergies, intestinal inflammation, and diabetes.


When it comes to keeping your dog safe and healthy, one of the most important steps you can take is to make sure you choose a high-quality food. You wouldn’t feed your pup junk food, would you? If you want to keep your pet happy and healthy then it’s worth spending a little extra on something like fresh dog food. Not only will they taste better but they contain nutrients that can make a real difference in your pup’s health.

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