With more people realizing the benefits of having a pet as a companion, the pet care industry has solidified its spot as one of the fastest-growing worldwide. Singapore, in particular, has seen a rise in dog and cat owners over the years as it is known for being a highly pet-friendly country. This demand has thus fuelled the country’s overall pet industry and economy, as well as the progress of e-commerce.

Puppy Training Tips For Your Furry Friend

Recently brought home your new puppy? If so, you will need to get started with training your furry friend. Grab some treats and essentials from an online pet shop in Singapore or your local pet shop to help your puppy acclimate to your home, and once that is settled, you can move on to training. House training can be quite challenging and overwhelming if you are doing it for the first time, so take it one step at a time and enjoy the process along the way.

Find some tips below to get started with your puppy’s training. With the right preparations and mindset, you will be well on your way to building a strong rapport between you and your dog.

Understand the Commitment

Caring for your puppy will be a commitment, so you must be willing to put in the time and effort to train your furry friend. As long as you are genuinely committed to becoming a pet parent, you need not worry as you will certainly enjoy the process. That said, know that every dog learns uniquely or responds differently, so try to be patient until you figure out the best training techniques for your pup.

Come Up with Rules

Before you get started with obedient training, you need to come up with house rules to know the boundaries for your puppy. For example, are there any areas of your house that will be restricted? Will you allow your puppy to go in rooms or sit on your couch? Try to think of the behavior you want to instill, so you know how to train your dog from the start.

Dog Training Tips 101

Get Some Treats

Incentivizing your dog to follow commands with treats can be an effective house training method. Repeatedly doing this will help promote positive reinforcement, where your dog associates the act of following with rewards. Alternatively, you can end your sessions with a treat to make your dog feel accomplished. Look for an online pet shop in Singapore, where you will find a ton of treats you can stock up on to keep your puppy happy!

Discourage Biting

Similar to how babies go through a teething stage to help develop their teeth, you may notice a time when your dog starts to get the irksome habit to bite on pretty much anything. When this happens, you can give your furry friend some chew toys to discourage them from biting other things.

Puppy Training Tips : Keep Your Dog Healthy

Keep Your Dog Healthy

Before getting carried away thinking about your dog’s training, you need to make sure your little pup is healthy. Otherwise, they cannot concentrate on training, and you may find yourself unable to teach anything. Visit the veterinarian regularly to stay updated with vaccinations and bring your dog out for a walk from time to time for exercise. At the end of the day, your pup’s health must still be your top priority!


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