6 Must-Have Essentials For your Dog

Dogs and cats bring joy to your family just like a newborn does.

They’re universally loved simply because they’re worth it. They can make you happy on the worst of days; they can understand you and, above all, love you unconditionally.

Even keeping a pet dog has plenty of amazing health benefits too.

You must be careful enough to keep these fur babies in absolute comfort and good health.

We have you covered if you’ve just adopted a cute puppy or are looking to adopt one.

Here’s a list of the essential things to get for your dear paw monster…

6 Must-Have Essentials For your Dog

  1. A comfy bed

Puppies need to sleep a lot; adult dogs need adequate rest too.

Get a soft, comfortable, spacious pet bed for dogs or a crate for the little ones. Puppies are advised to be put in a crate, especially during potty training. They should have a specific sleeping space where they feel safe and peaceful.

Don’t forget to set this bed or crate inside your room. Puppies miss their humans a lot, you’ll see!

  1. A Bowl of their own

This will be a periodic investment as puppies need a smaller and different bowl than the one they will need after turning into a big doggy.

The size of this bowl matters on your dog’s height so that he/she can eat comfortably and at the right speed.

Bowl size also determines the total nutritional value and amount of food your dog gets in each serving. So buy a set of bowls wisely after keeping all that in mind.

Plan well about getting packaged food and the general diet also. Don’t always google it. Every dog has their eating pattern, metabolism, and different needs. Better to consult a veterinarian on this.

  1. Harness, Leash, and Collars

Your furkid loves to go on a walk every day. For that, you have to get a sturdy leash and collar or a harness.

Buying these can be tricky. Talk to fellow pet owners or your veterinarian. Collars and leashes are enough for most friendly, calm family dogs, whereas hunter dogs and aggressive breeds need body belts, harnesses, etc., to control them.

In most countries, it is mandatory to have your dog on a leash while walking, and in a few countries like Australia, not having your dog on a leash while walking is a punishable offense. So if you are from Australia, get a Dog Harness Australia now.

Sometimes, your puppy will run loose chasing rabbits or simply out of their playtime mood swings. To make sure they don’t get lost, you need to make a dog tag containing your furkid’s name and address along with your name. Your dog will wear this all-time collar when going outside.

  1. For personal Hygiene:

Dogs can’t clean them properly. So you’ve to help your four-legged friend with an all-in-one dog shampoo-cum-conditioner for regular cleaning of their long, shiny fur.

As you know, there might be dangerous mite infestation in the summers. An Anti-tick spray will work fine to repel these blood-sucking parasites.

Also, dogs need eye wipes to clean out the tear stains, and ear washes to clear up wax and oil deposits from their long, flappy fun ears.

  1. It’s playtime:

It’s nice that your dog goes on walks every day, but your sparkling, high-spirited puppy also needs something to stay occupied in the meantime. So, puppies always need a plaything, except for the time you play with them.

And as we said, they never grow up. Adult dogs feel happy too when you give them their childhood toys to chew, throw and play with.

Get those popular rubber balls or food-grade plastic toys with hollow interiors, where you put some goodies like peanut butter and fruits.

  1. Don’t forget the Brush :

Pet brushes have a cult following among the dogs and their parents.

Good dog brushes save you a lot of time and from headaches (also sneezes) of cleaning out the infinite number of loose hairs found everywhere in your house. And vacuuming isn’t a viable option.

Rather than get the correct brush as per your dog’s fur size, brush them twice regularly to smoothly remove all those loose undercoat hairs while your dog gets a massage.

Well, before we sign off, here’s some more stuff you might (should?) need :

  1. A (huge) supply of treats. They love milk bones; at least mine does.
  1. Special water bottle for dogs. This will help when outside or on a trip.
  2. Poop bags (get plenty, you’ll need loads of them)
  3. Nail clippers.
  4. A guidebook on how to train your furkid!

Happy petting! Your days are going to be sweet and busy from now on. Good luck!

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