Is it just us, or are dog accessories getting cuter each year? There are plenty of accessories for your best furry friend that are not only cute but also practical. You may not know how to differentiate between what’s just another thing your dog doesn’t actually need and something that will make a difference in your life and your dog’s life. From combing your dog’s fur before they get their hair everywhere to making sure you can keep track of Fido with an AirTag dog collar case, there are plenty of accessories you may want but not actually need. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of eight cute and practical accessories every dog owner needs.

  1. A Deshedding Tool or Brush — Dogs shed and will get their hair all over your home. Instead of vacuuming or mopping their hair every day and hoping for the best, prevent extra shedding and save yourself the headache with a deshedding tool. According to, there are specific types of brushes you can choose that are best for your dog’s type of hair. A bristle brush is ideal for dogs that are short- or medium-haired since the bristles are short and tightly packed together. For dogs with long and curly hair, use a slicker brush with longer wires to remove those tangles.
8 Cute and Practical Accessories Every Dog Owner Needs
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  1. Illuminated Harness — When it’s dark outside, take the extra step to make sure your dog is visible. Unlike a single dog collar with a couple of reflective pieces on it, a fully illuminated harness will light your dog up in the dark. Not to mention, it looks pretty cool seeing your dog lit up in neon colors. Do some research to find an LED dog collar harness that is the perfect size for your dog and they’ll be glowing with excitement. The harnesses are normally rechargeable via USB.
  2. AirTags and AirTag Accessories — Say goodbye to wondering where exactly you put your wallet, car keys or your dog’s collar. An AirTag can be put on any item you have, including a dog collar. That way, if your dog ever runs away from you or gets distracted by a squirrel, you’ll be able to find them using your handy AirTag and AirTag case so it doesn’t fall off or get dirty.
  3. Dog Bed — Make your dog feel like the royalty they are with a fabulous dog bed. From fluffy dog beds that you can practically sleep in yourself to elevated cot-style dog beds, there are plenty to choose from. A cute, fluffy dog bed may be ideal if you’re looking for something permanent for your home. A cot or foldable bed is ideal for when you’re traveling with your dog and need something portable and easy to take with you on a trip.
Dog Beds & Bedding
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  1. Collapsible Dog Bowl — Bring a water bottle along with a collapsible dog bowl on your next long walk. A hard glass or plastic bowl is too clunky for traveling or walking long distances. It’s not easy to just give your dog a water bottle or hope you find a clean water source. Make sure you have a collapsible dog bowl as an option for when your dog gets thirsty.
  2. Waterproof Dog Boots — You don’t want your little pup’s paws getting all muddy or wet when you’re walking together or when you let them outside. While dog wipes are always helpful to have, waterproof dog boots can help prevent their paws from getting dirty in the first place. Waterproof dog boots are also useful for when it’s hot outside because you don’t want your dog to burn their paws on hot asphalt. If you’re going on a hike on rocky terrain, it’s ideal for navigating through any branches that poke out on your walk.
  3. Anxiety Jacket — Animals can get anxiety, too. Give them a hug in a jacket with an anxiety jacket. The anxiety jacket works by applying constant yet gentle pressure throughout the day or for however long they worry. Many dogs use it if they’re scared of loud noises like fireworks or thunder. If you’re going to the vet and your pup hates visiting the vet, give them the anxiety jacket to wear.
  4. Pet Seat Car Cover — If you have a car or are renting a car the next time you hit the road, don’t let your pet’s hair get all over. Get a pet seat car cover that they’ll enjoy lying down on and so you won’t have to worry about picking hairs out of the seats. The car cover will also protect your vehicle from dirt and mud if you go on an active adventure with your dog. If your dog tends to scratch or chew in the car, having a pet seat car cover helps prevent damage.
Pet Seat Car Cover
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With any of or all of these eight items for your pup, you’ll be prepared for any scenario. Get ready to hit the road with Fido, or at least feel more at ease the next time you take him for a long walk around your neighborhood.

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