How To Make Crate Rest More Comfortable for Your Dog

If your dog suffered an injury or had surgery, your vet will likely recommend crate rest for safe recovery or your fur babies may use Hero Brace for their injured leg. Keeping your furry friend confined in the crate bed helps limit their movements or activity level. However, convincing your puppy that crating is the best way to relax and get well quickly can prove challenging. So, where do you start? Well, this is how to make crate rest more comfortable for your dog.

Choose a Big Enough Crate Bed

Take measurements of your four-legged friend to guide you in picking the right crate bed. Ensure you get a crate that gives her room to stand, sit, fully stretch out, eat, and lick her toys with ease.

Partially Cover the Crate

Sometimes, your dog may want to be out in the light or rest in a darker place. So after finishing with the assembly, consider covering half of the crate with a blanket to create a darker place. That way, your pup will have the option to rest where they feel more comfortable.

Introduce Your Dog to the Crate Gradually and Carefully

Crate introduction works well if done step-by-step over a couple of days. Be gentle to your canine friend when introducing them to the crate bed. Do not grip them rigidly. Also, be sure to speak to your pup in a slower, more soothing voice to make them less anxious. Stroking them gently also helps, whether you do it over the shoulders, chest, the base of the neck, or under the chin.

Set Up the Crate Bed Comfortably

First off, you’ll need to cover the base of the crate with an anti-slip mat. Then, place a dog bed on top of the mat.

Get a luxurious bed for your pup if you can. Gorilla Dog Beds has several great ideas for what to look for in a luxury bed, including size, fabric, and shape.

It is also crucial that you put in toys, food, water, and other necessities before you show the crate bed to your dog.

Come Up With a Regular Daily Routine

Your furry friend will feel more comfortable when they know what to anticipate. Therefore, spend some time with your pup to create a familiar routine for toilet breaks, cuddling time, meal times, exercises, and more.

Place the Crate in the Same Room As You

Sharing a room throughout the day is one of the great ideas to make crate rest more comfortable for your dog. That’s because the dog will feel part of the family, thus helping her manage loneliness and boredom.

Making crate rest more comfortable for your dog requires best efforts, but it is all worthwhile for successful recovery. If nothing is working for your dog, talk to your vet about the potential course of action.

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