Rabbits are, contrary to what many people and indeed the media would have you believe, far from an ideal pet for a child and moreover require complex care and attention in order to keep them happy, safe and healthy.

If you are wanting to form a closer connection with your rabbits, then all it takes is time and patience and if you continue reading, you will be able to take your bond with your bunnies to the next level.

Let Them Come to You

Many people who want to bond with their bunnies make the mistake of wanting to immediately get close and personal, but far from this being construed as an invasion of personal space by your bun, it could also be counterproductive in the long run.

Instead, lie on the floor a few meters away from your rabbit and let their curiosity levels peak to where they simply must come over to you and investigate. They will likely walk all around you and then start to sniff and nuzzle your body; make sure you make no sudden movements, so they realize you are a friend rather than a foe.

Take Their Health Seriously

As rabbits are prey animals, even the happiest and most settled bunny who has entirely bonded with their human friends will still instinctively hide that they are feeling unwell and instead try to carry on as normally as possible.

This very reason is why a great number of domesticated rabbits are often diagnosed with the most common of rabbit ailments, gut stasis, far too late and unfortunately, why so many lives cannot be saved. Rabbits are unable to vomit, therefore it becomes extra important to ensure that if you do spot any unusual behavior, such as not eating, drinking or pooping, that you take them to a reputable veterinary surgery, such as ortinganimalhospital.com, immediately.

It is common for rabbits who have been unwell and whose owners were able to get them the help and medication they needed quickly, to become even more affectionate once they are well again and some pet owners swear that their rabbits know that their humans helped them.

Learn & Understand Rabbit Behavior

Aside from ensuring your bunnies are healthy and that they are comfortable and calm in your presence, the third and final most effective way of bonding with your rabbits is to learn and understand their natural behaviors.

Firstly, aside from individual exceptions, rabbits should always live in bonded pairs and you will see them grooming snuggling with each other regularly throughout the day. Respecting the bond they have between them is important for strengthening the bond between you and them as well, which can always be encouraged through treats and playing games.

Never try and play with your rabbit when they are in their deep sleep, which is usually between midday and five in the afternoon and midnight and five in the morning and always be mindful of avoiding making any loud noises around them.

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