We all love and adore our furry friends, who, upon adoption, quickly become an essential part of the family. Their rambunctious energy tends to keep us on our feet and brimming with joy. In that, we can quickly find that their energy seems to have no end, so we need to purchase toys and beds galore. That can result in considerable expenses, which is why you should know about these easy DIY projects your family pets will love.

DIY Crinkle Toy

Many of our pets enjoy toys that produce crinkle sounds as they’re fun to chew on, and the sound adds an additional interactive element. However, these types of toys can soon become trash since your pet won’t stop chewing on them.

That’s why you might consider making your own crinkle toy with an empty water bottle and an old T-shirt. Cut some strips from the end of your T-shirt, which you’ll use to secure the shirt to the bottle. Wrap the remaining T-shirt around your bottle completely and use the strips to tie off any openings or loose ends. Now you have a crinkle toy that’s easy to make and easy to chew.

Scratching Post

We love our feline friends, but we don’t love when they scratch our furniture. Thankfully, there’s a way to protect your furniture and delight your cat with pool noodles. All you have to do is measure the length of the furniture, such as a dining room table’s chair leg, and cut that length out of a pool noodle. Then, make a horizontal slice on that noodle so that you can easily affix it onto the chair leg. That way, your cat can scratch at the pool noodle instead without damaging your furniture.

Find the Treat

It’s important that we enrich our pets with quality experiences and inquisitive games. So you might try this enriching and easy DIY project your family pet will love. Take an empty cereal box and hide a couple of treats inside it. Place the box in front of your dog, and watch as it figures out how to get the treat.

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