15 Dogs With Better Hairstyles Than You

These bitches will give you serious hair envy. It’s not fair. First, we discovered that cats dress better than us, now it seems dogs have better hair than us. I know my Golden Retriever has better locks than me and she rolls around in the mud, while I attempt to use a flat iron to make my hair look semi-presentable. I have debated on more than one occasion whether to bring a picture of my dog into the hairdresser and say, “I want my color like this” but stop myself only because I will not suit her golden blonde color. Arrgh. In addition to being way cuter than us in viral videos, dogs definitely rival us in the hair department.

Here are 15 dogs hairstyles that will make you wish you had four legs and a tail:

1. White Dog Dreadlocks

15 Dogs With Better Hairstyles Than You: White Dog Dreadlocks

This guy’s dreadlocks are perfectly maintained and expertly layered. The updo is so cute that I’d almost consider getting dreads.

2. Black Afghan Hound

Black Afghan Hound

What type of volumizing shampoo does this dog use to get a body like that? Tell me and I will give you a treat.

3. White Brown Dog Justin Bieber Haircut

White Brown Dog Justin Bieber Haircut

Alright, who is the copycat, an adolescent Justin Bieber, or this dog? Judging by this pup’s expression, I know whose comb-over hairstyle was ripped off.

4.  Dog French Plait

Dog French Plait

That photo on the top left could literally be of a human’s head. I can’t even French braid my own hair, and someone managed to do it to a tiny terrier. I wonder if they lost a finger in the process…

5.  Grey Dog Braids Pink Clips

Grey Dog Braids Pink Clips

I am extremely jealous of this gray dog because her hair grows longer than mine. All the hair growing tips and serums in the world will not get mine to grow more than a few inches past my shoulders. Maybe the secret to Rapunzel locks is to eat dog food?

6. Can we just stop to admire those natural highlights for a minute? You will never be able to get ombré hair that good from the salon.

Dogs With Better Hairstyles: Shih Tzu

7. Dog Braids Pink Bows

Dog Braids Pink Bows

This is such a squee-inducing photo. This pretty puppy found the perfect flattering hairstyle to show off her big brown eyes.

8. This dog has a cooler hairstyle than 87% of us. How does that make you feel?

Yellow Mohawk Small Dog

9. Blonde Afghan Hound

Blonde Afghan Hound

If the Khalessi blonde and crisp center part weren’t enough to make you envious, this is what an Afghan Hound’s natural hair looks like. No products, no beauty tools.

10. White Dog

Dogs With Better Hairstyles: White Dog

If you’re a closet curly-haired girl, who always straightens her hair, you will appreciate this dog’s pin-straight coat. And are those retro curled under bangs?

11. Purple Dogs

Purple Ombre Dog Hair

If you need another reason to dye your hair a funky color this summer, here is another one.

12. Cocker Spaniel

Dogs With Better Hairstyles: Cocker Spaniel

If anyone ever tells you that you have hair that looks like a Cocker Spaniel’s, tell them “thank you.” Judging by this photo, they have to mean it as a compliment.

13. Poodle Banded Mohawk

Poodle Banded ohawk

This kinky dog mohawk with tiny green elastics is more inventive than Kelly Osbourne‘s safety pin hairstyle. And it looks cute.

14. Dog Afro

Dogs With Better Hairstyles: Dog Afro

If you complain about your frizzy hair texture, this pooch (or her groomer) has learned to work with her curly coat. Look at the glorious full-bodied results.

15. Teased Red Bow Dog

Teased Red Bow Dog

Look at the bouffant on her! This teased hairdo will be the envy of every country music singer. Better go invest in some strong hold hairspray.

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