13 Adorable Puppy-Themed Pieces, In Honor Of National Dog Day

Every dog owner will openly admit that they spoil their dogs. That is why there are dogs with better hair than you. Every day is dog day but today is officially National Dog Day. You can celebrate by giving your dog one extra treat (or three), looking at hot guys and dogs, and by showing your love for all things canine with dog-themed clothes and accessories. Even if you don’t have a puppy, you can still decorate your body with dog prints and you can enjoy this adorable GIF:

You’re welcome. Now, take a look at 13 woof-tastic dog-themed clothes and accessories:

1. ASPCA Slip-On ($55, Vans)


Slip-on shoes are as trendy as crop tops right now. This puppy-printed pair is inspired by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who help rescue animals from abuse.

2. Tea & Cake French Bulldog Pocket Tee ($40, Topshop)

Tea & Cake French Bulldog Pocket Tee

Everyone needs at least one white t-shirt in their wardrobes and they also need a white tee with a bulldog on it. Come on, the bulldog looks like he is being carried around in your pocket.

3. Traveling Cupcake Truck Dog Print Dress ($59.99, ModCloth)

Traveling Cupcake Truck Dog Print Dress

Satisfy your love of both vintage styles and canines with this fit-and-flare dress. It is decorated with a sweet yellow and blue dog pattern. Who needs polka dots?

4. Don’t Be Shy Enamel Pin ( $7.2, EnamelPins.com)

service of custom enamel pins

The “Don’t be Shy Dog Enamel Pin” is cute and meaningful. A shy dog sir covered his eyes with hands is presenting on the enamel pins. He wears a red-orange tie because he is going to join his friends’ party. If you want to create pins for your beloved dog, the merchant also provide the service of custom enamel pins. These delicate items are suitable to be worn on your clothes, bags or other places, and they are also great dog lover gifts;

5. Sugar Critters Black And White Dog Studs ($25, Betsey Johnson)

Sugar Critters Black And White Dog Studs

Bulldogs were everywhere in fashion a few years ago and they still remain popular. Wear your hair up in a ponytail to properly show off these cute critters.

6. Brat & Suzie Dog Roar Sweatshirt ($34, ASOS)

Brat & Suzie Dog Roar Sweatshirt

Is there anything better than a chihuahua holding a megaphone? You may say that dogs technically bark but they can sure roar like lions when they want to (aka when there are treats involved.)

7. Essential Antwerp Dog Print Dress ($368, ASOS)

Essential Antwerp Dog Print Dress

Who needs sparkles and sequins when you have multicolored dogs? Everyone will get into the party spirit when they’re wearing spotted bulldogs.

8. Dogs + Burgers Socks ($8, Urban Outfitters)

Urban Outfitters Dog + Burgers Socks

What are your two favorite things? If you answered “food and dogs,” these are the socks for you. They’re decorated with old-school video game dog and burger graphics. Why would you ever wear white socks when you can wear these?

9. Westies For The Resties Top ($39.99, ModCloth)

ModCloth Westies For The Resties Top

If you’re looking for some unique denim pieces, this chambray shirt is decorated with White Highland West Terriers. It’s woof-derful.

10. Puppies Love Me Sweatshirt ($17.90, Forever 21)

Forever 21 Puppies Love Me Sweatshirt

If puppies love you as much as you love them, you need this black and white sweatshirt in your wardrobe. It’s getting colder, so you need something to wear instead of your bulldog one-piece.

11. Dog Bow Tie ($24, River Island)

River Island Dog Bow TIe

If you like to borrow things from the boys, this navy bow tie with embroidered dogs on it is definitely something worth taking. Wear it the traditional way around your neck or pin it in your hair.

12. Erstwilder Black & White Dog The Dapper Dog Resin Pin ($18, Unique Vintage)

Unique Vintage Dog Resin Pin

It. Is. A. Pug. In. A. Top. Hat. Add some interest to a basic outfit with this sweet pin. This pug pin is one major reason why we all need to wear more pins.

13. Etre Cecile Big Dog Breton T-Shirt ($135, Shopbop)

Etre Cecile Big Dog Breton T-Shirt

The classic navy striped Breton t-shirt gets an adorable makeover with the inclusion of a red bulldog graphic. Whoever doesn’t like it is barking mad.

14. Adjustable Dachshund Ring ($55, Etsy)

Etsy Adjustable Daschund Ring

It’s a dachshund, in a ring. What dog could be more perfect for this wraparound ring? The 24K gold-plated ring adjusts to fit any size finger.

15. The Hound Sunny Morning Tee ($72, Wildfox)

Wildfox The Hound Shirt

Just look at that face. Could you ever say “no” to it? Probably not, which is why it is a good thing that it is on a shirt and it isn’t a real dog.

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