Care Tips for Keeping Your Basset Hound Healthy

According to USA Today, basset hounds rank in the top 50 most popular dog breeds in the United States. And with those big, floppy ears; adorable droopy faces; and sweet-as-pie temperament, is it any wonder?

But as much as we love our bassets, they are prone to specific health issues. Bivvy offers affordable dog health insurance plans that include coverage protecting your pet against hereditary and congenital conditions. Thus, ensuring you can remain focused on caring for your beloved pet. Additionally, we have gathered some care tips for keeping your basset hound healthy. These will help, in some cases, prevent or lessen the symptoms of some of the most common issues.

Be Aware of Joint Health

Adorable as they are, dogs with short legs and long torsos— including dachshunds, corgis, and, of course, basset hounds—are prone to back and joint problems. Because of this, taking extra care of your dog’s joint health is important. Here are a few ways to promote good health in your basset hound as far as their joints are concerned:

  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise with them a day
  • Avoid trip hazards in the house, such as runners or slick floors
  • Have soft flooring in your house
  • Add ramps in the house
  • Consider taking your dog for massages (yes, dog massage is a thing)

Despite your best efforts, joint and back issues may still happen. If you notice signs of pain in your basset, such as limping, lethargy, and excessive licking, take them to the vet. The vet may be able to recommend a treatment such as FHO (femoral head ostectomy) or total hip replacement surgery.

Pay Attention to Diet

Obesity is another factor that can cause joint problems in basset hounds and similar breeds. So keeping an eye on your dog’s diet is also essential for keeping their joints healthy.

Additionally, a dog that eats too much too quickly can lead to a condition called dog bloat. Bloat causes your dog’s stomach to become swollen as it expands in the body. Symptoms of bloat include:

  • Restlessness or anxiousness
  • Drooling
  • Swollen middle
  • Dry-heaving
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness

If you see these symptoms, seek treatment immediately. It can be lethal if you don’t. To prevent it, avoid feeding your dog one big meal a day or leaving food out all the time. Give your dog controlled portions a few times a day, and never out of a raised bowl.

Take Care of Those Ears

Our bassets’ big, floppy ears are our favorite things about them. But ears that big are prone to infection if we aren’t careful. Keep your dog’s ears clean and dry by cleaning them out with vet-approved solutions. And if your dog’s ears are stuffed up, take them to the vet for an ear flush.

Allergies can cause some ear infections. If that’s the case, consult your vet about finding an allergy medication that will help your dog stay happy and healthy.

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