Most dog owners are not alien to the many benefits of owning a dog. Also, having a dog is more than the extra responsibility of feeding and daily walking.

7 Positive Impact of Having a Dog in Your Life
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The possession of a dog can improve your life in many ways than you can imagine. Physical and mental health both benefit from owning and caring for a dog; Even the scientific community supports that dog ownership comes with many benefits.

This article explores various ways the possession of a dog influences your life positively:

Dogs Make us Social

Are you the shy type, and words fail you before the opposite sex? Get a dog. With a dog, you appear attractive, relaxed, and approachable. The presence of a dog will help ensure you always have something to talk about, sparing you from having to deal with awkward silence.

Even research acknowledges that it will be easy to make friends if you have a dog. With a dog, making friends with strangers and flowing with them will not pose any problem at all.

According to a Harvard study, pet owners are 60% more likely to know people in the neighborhood than people without pets.

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Dogs Improve Your Attractiveness

The presence of a dog has a way of making people likable and attractive, especially people who want a date. According to some studies, it was easier for men to get a woman’s phone number when they had a dog with them.

Also, having a dog makes people look happier and relaxed, as rated by individuals in research. There is no profound scientific explanation behind it, but many believe that anyone who could make out extra time to care for a dog might make a good and caring partner.

Dogs Improve Your Attractiveness
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Keeps You Active and Fit

The medical community has always encouraged people to live an active lifestyle. Even if you can’t get a gym membership, going on a walk or running down the park is a way to fulfill the daily exercise requirement.

While not everyone might be chanced to spare time to exercise or go on a walk every day, possession of a dog makes it easy. With a dog, you are forced to be more active as the dog’s daily walking is not negotiable.

Even if you are not walking the dog, playing a game of fetch and catch can also go a long way to keeping you fit, reducing body weight, and maintaining your heart health.

Can Fight Depression

Many dogs have this aura around them that makes it impossible or hard for their owner to fall into depression. This explains why the general belief is that dog owners hardly get depressed. While there is no deep scientific backing, the evidence is clear – it is difficult to be depressed when or sad when your dog greets you with its big adorable eyes.

This is also the idea behind using therapy dogs to help foster recovery in patients. There is evidence that isolated seniors and HIV patients show significant improvement from depression in the presence of pets., especially dogs

Dogs Protect the Heart

Unknown to many, dogs can also be your ticket to long life. A series of comprehensive studies between 1950 and 2019 revealed that dog owners had a significantly lower risk of death. There are also indications that dog owners had reduced blood pressure, a better response to stress, and an overall positive outlook about life.

Simply living with a dog can make an incredible difference. According to research, the bonds humans maintain with dogs can bring down stress, a significant cause of cardiovascular issues in people.

Children also benefit

One of the best gifts you can give your kid is a puppy, as a dog positively impacts kids in many ways. For instance, a study revealed that kids raised with pets have a much lower probability of developing allergies.

Young adults between the age of 18 and 26, that has a strong bond with their pets, had a better connection and interaction with their community, according to a study. The study further revealed that the presence of pets helped develop a better sense of confidence in such people. 

The presence of Dogs can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress seems to be part of our daily world. Pressure from work, relationships, family, etc., has a way of getting to people and reducing the quality of one’s life. Since there is no escaping stress, looking for healthy stress management tips is the way to go.

 Simply playing with a dog, caring for it, or walking a dog can soothe anxiety.

Researchers at Washington State University revealed that as simple as 10 minutes of petting or grooming a dog can reduce your blood pressure, slow down heart rate, and regulate breathing. Ultimately, it can also reduce cortisol in participants, the culprit behind excessive stress.

The presence of Dogs can Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Photo by Krisztian Tabori on Unsplash


An investment in a dog is your physical and mental health. Besides, it can be your ticket to long life, reduced visits to the doctor, better health, and a generally positive outlook about life.

If you are not sure why you should get a dog, these seven reasons are enough to convince you to have a change of mind.

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