Your pet’s health and happiness is a priority from the moment you bring them home. It’s your responsibility to ensure they have all the necessary supplies to make this happen.

As a new dog owner, you’re starting from scratch. You’re overwhelmed with information!

Let’s make things simple. Here are the seven must-have items to have when bringing your new dog home.

A Bag of Dog Food

Dogs love food! But you can’t always feed them table scraps. The first item on your list is dog food.

Pay attention to the ingredients and size of the food. You want to ensure the food is suitable for your dog’s health. It shouldn’t be too large or small for your dog to eat.

Food and Water Bowls

Where will the dog’s food go? You’ll need food and water bowls to ensure your pup stays properly fed and hydrated.

Any bowls that are appropriate for your dog’s size will do. In the future, you can always upgrade to homemade bowls or elevated bowls for a fancy look.

A Tough Leash

There are many different types of dog leashes to choose from based on the activity and the size of the dog. Thinner leashes are more suitable for small dogs, while leashes at least one-inch thick are better for walking large dogs.

The best way to know if you have the right leash is trial and error. Use it as much as you can. If you experience hardships and need a new one along the way, replacing the leash is not a problem!

A Dog Collar

The only way to latch on a leash is for your dog to wear a collar. If you have a puppy, start with an inexpensive collar because they will grow out of it quickly. Or you can opt for an adjustable dog collar that will grow with them.

Don’t forget to get a dog tag made with your pup’s name, your home’s address, and a current phone number! It’s a great precaution to ensure your dog comes back home if they ever run away or get lost.

Grooming Tools

People need soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and more to stay fresh and clean. Your dog deserves the same treatment.

The minimum you need is dog shampoo and a brush. However, you’ll most likely want to add nail clippers or grinders, a de-shedding comb, a toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Yummy Treats

With a new dog comes many new obstacles. Training them to sleep in a crate or how to sit is a process. A great way to encourage good behavior is to have yummy treats on hand! Explore the world of positive reinforcement and healthy rewards by choosing the best probiotics for dogs.

A Variety of Toys

Do you know your new dog very well? Odds are you aren’t familiar with the types of toys they enjoy! The best way to keep your dog happy is to purchase a variety of toys.

Bring home one tough chew toy, an adorable plushy with a squeaker, a rope, and a tennis ball. You’ll gradually learn which toy piques your pup’s interest the most.

Bonus Tip for You and Your New Pup

People adopt dogs of different ages and breeds. As a result, you should know all you can about the age and breed of the dog you’re bringing home. It’ll help you accurately choose the most suitable must-have items for the new member of the family.

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