preparing toddler for new baby

Having a child in your life is a heavenly gift, giving your existence a different meaning. We are more aware of the concept of reincarnation when we see that our baby embodies most of our physical and psychological features.

  1. With Little Steps To Make Your Toddler Understand

It is said to be true that the mother’s love for her child is beyond anything else. Also, the baby sees his parents as superheroes, especially the mom. But what happens in the family when another child comes into life? The toddler feels like he has lost his first place and is worried that his mom won’t love him like before because she has a new baby. Immediately she has to explain to him the benefits of having a new brother or sister in his life. Like having someone who he can play with and having a lot of fun with.

  1. Take Easy Examples

Sometimes taking examples is the right way to directly teach your toddler how to get along with the incoming baby. For example, if your child has a doll, or like usually happens to have an imaginary friend, then explain to him that the new baby will be a close friend to him. There are numerous aspects of life in which they can function like a sole body:

  • Sharing ideas,
  • Expressing feelings to each other,
  • Solving problems together.
  1. Don’t Hesitate To Show Him Your Love

Make sure to show your toddler the enormous importance he has for your existence. This way, he will gain even more confidence and understand how much you love him. Children are very sensitive and can get easily bitter, so they occasionally need someone to cuddle them. It is really important to give them this kind of treatment, especially when a new baby is coming soon. Tell him that you have a very special place for him in your heart, and you value all his attributes.

  1. Think About The Right Time To Tell Him The Big News

When informing your toddler about the incoming baby, first is better to calculate the due date when your baby is born. The best possible time is thought to be between 3-4 months before the baby is born. It could be also great to talk about babies in general and then be more specific when talking about your baby. Another thing is that you have to relate the arrival of the baby with a familiar event, it could be some special person’s birthday then the arrival of the expected baby.[1]

  1. Portray This Moment In The Most Attractive Way For Your Toddler
toddler behavior before new baby arrives
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One of the most fundamental elements could be to tell your toddler what the incoming baby is supposedly saying. All the good words, greetings, and the desire he has to meet his family members, and of course, brother or sister. Improvise some dialogues with the baby just to stimulate your child taking part in the conversation. With this kind of approach, the toddler will become more curious to meet the baby. Also, he will ask many questions, which you should answer with a lot of creativity and fantasy, to make the description even more interesting.

Another way to prepare your toddler for the new baby is by taking your example of how you have treated your younger sister or brother when they were the little ones. It surely makes sense to him, because he ultimately takes the lesson upon himself, and at the same time he takes up the responsibility of guiding the baby on the right path, staying beside him in tough circumstances and saving him from any kind of danger. Your child somewhat needs a leading role to accept the new things coming into his life.

Your child today has also been a baby before. By showing pictures of him as a child in one of the albums in your house or show him baby books. Talk about what a cute baby he was, and the excitement he will have to get another one in the house.[2].

It is a hard task to raise a child, even more, when the first child is jealous of the treatment you are giving the new baby. For a grown human it is very hard to lose the central role, let alone for a child. Find the optimal time to tell how important each one of them is to you. Talking with a child is somewhat difficult, but not impossible.



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