How To Make Your Bedtime Routine More Fun

Your bedtime routine happens nearly every night, so you’d think the kids would have grown accustomed to it by now. However, it seems like when the night falls, amnesia sets in, and suddenly, your kids have completely forgotten the events of every night prior. For many of us, bedtime is a challenge, as kids rarely want to get ready for sleep because they tend to see it as boring. However, there are ways to make your bedtime routine more fun for the kids and easier for you.

Start by Choosing a Book

One of the best ways to make your bedtime routine more fun for your kids is by providing them with something to look forward to. When you start the routine with something fun, your children will likely be more amenable throughout the process. As such, let them choose their favorite storybook to read once they are in bed.

Play Educational Music

One of the most challenging aspects of any children’s bedtime routine is getting them to brush their teeth. As we know, oral hygiene is incredibly important, and establishing a consistent routine during childhood will benefit them greatly for the rest of their lives. Try playing fun and educational music to ease the challenge of establishing good oral hygiene.

There are countless songs that educate children on the importance of oral hygiene while making it fun. Doing this also appeals to the natural curiosity-seeking aspect of most children. What’s more, if your child has developed the habit of thumb sucking, this also allows you to gently educate them on why this habit isn’t helpful for their oral health.

Pick Silly Pajamas

Children absolutely adore it when their parents make an everyday routine more fun, so consider adding in a fun element like silly pajamas. If your children have a favorite animal, TV show, or movie character, you may want to head to the store and have them choose a fun pajama set related to that interest. Allowing them to choose silly pajamas helps move your bedtime routine along, as they will feel excited to hop out of the bath and into their new PJ set.

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