Did you know your newborn will need somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,500 diapers in his or her first year? If you do the math, that’s about four diaper changes a day.

You’ll quickly learn how to change a diaper with ease and efficiency. Still, it can take a few go-arounds to feel confident. Below, we’ve outlined everything you’ll need for daily success.

How to Change a Diaper

The Right Tools

Before we get into the how-to, you need a recipe for success. Here are each of the ingredients to a successful change.

A Small Toy

Have you ever witnessed a friend or family member pick up their baby to change a diaper, only to hear shrill screams?

Some babies put up more of a fight than others. In the event you’ve pulled your little one away from a delightful game or cartoon, you might want a small ploy to dissuade the shrieks.

A Clean Space

Of course, a changing table is ideal. Anytime you’re home, your baby will need a customary space for “clean up.”

Most changing tables come with a soft cushion. Make sure you can cover the cushion with a protective sheet. You’ll want to wash and disinfect it often.

As a backup plan, you can also keep a waterproof pad near your bed for quick changes.

Likewise, a portable changing pad may also be the ticket if you’re visiting friends/family or you’re out on the town. You can keep this in your diaper bag with the other essentials listed below.

And, while we’re on the subject, check out what is, in our opinion, the best diaper bag backpack. You’ll be fully equipped and stylish as ever.

Wipes and Diapers

For the first eight weeks, doctors often recommend warm water on clean cloths to avoid introducing any alcohol or fragrance to your newborn.

You can also buy wipes that are pre-moistened with water. Then, over time, if you feel comfortable, you can introduce hypoallergenic wipes that shouldn’t irritate the skin.

The Right Technique

Armed with all the right resources, let’s get to the job at hand. Anything can happen here. So, remember to be prepared!

Get In Position

Lay your little one down on the changing table or clean the surface.

Be sure to keep all the essentials nearby because you never want to leave your baby unattended during this time.

Then, remove your baby’s romper, shorts, or pants. Be sure to pull the shirt or onesie all the way up to their armpits so it doesn’t get soiled in the process.

Remove the Diaper

Then, it’s time to remove the dirty deed. If there’s a lot of poop, be sure to wipe it down with the diaper (from front to back) to remove as much as you can from the offset.

Then, fold up the diaper as tightly as you can and dispose of it in your Diaper Genie, garbage can, or other secure space.

Clean the Area

Here’s the most important element when it comes to cleaning: always wipe from front to back. This is important because it can help prevent infection (especially in girls).

Don’t just wipe the surface, either. Be sure to wipe in between every skin fold to, again, prevent the start of an infection. Fecal matter is bacteria-ridden and should never be given a dark, warm space to grow into a larger problem.

Put On a Fresh Diaper

Once you’re sure the area is clean and dry, then you’re in the home stretch.

Gently hold your baby’s ankles and pick their bottom-up off the changing table.

Then, you can slide a fresh diaper underneath. You’ll have some options here, too, between brand-name diapers and cloth diapers that can be cleaned and reused.

If your pediatrician has said it’s needed, you can apply a small dab of diaper cream. If you’re not confident your hands are clean, then use a disposable latex glove.

Finally, pull the diaper tabs nice and tight (but not too tight). The goal here is to prevent any future, ahem, potty breaks from spilling out the sides.

How to Change a Diaper with Ease

After a few routine changes, you’ll be well on your way to pro status. It’s something that’s done day after day, by millions of parents across the globe. You’ll be a success, too.

Whether you’re learning how to change a diaper or find stylish post-partum outfits, we invite you to keep coming back to visit our blog. All our content is published with your success in mind.

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