After a winter spent dealing with snowstorm after snowstorm and terms like “polar vortex,” we are more than ready for spring in my home. I’m sure you are, too. My son is eager to ride his bike, and both of my kids would love some more fresh air, fun in the sun, and activities that don’t require a hat, scarf, and gloves. Can you blame them? I sure can’t.

As you and your family prepare for longer days, warmer temperatures, and a lot less gear, take a look at these fun activities to do with your kids this spring. Not only will they keep your little ones happy, but I think they will reduce your stress and keep you smiling, too.

Plant a mini garden. This is simple, easy, and fun, and it also happens to be educational. You can get all your supplies at a local gardening center or even online. This is a great chance to plant flowers with your kids and watch them grow. You can even plant herbs and use them for cooking later on in the season.

Visit the zoo. This is a great time to visit the zoo with your kids. It’s nice outside, but it’s not too warm, so you don’t have to deal with the hot, cranky kids or get there at the crack of dawn.

Get creative with sidewalk chalk. Sidewalk chalk has got to be one of the most affordable ways to get messy and have fun with your kids, and springtime is perfect drawing weather. I’ve never met a kid who didn’t like sidewalk chalk.

Go kite-flying. Pick a windy day and go for it. It’s not something kids get to do often, so when you find a windy spring day, you just have to pull out a kite and have some fun with it.

Dance in the rain. As a Black woman, I will admit that getting wet in the rain has not always been my favorite thing because getting my hair right is a process. But kids just love the rain. This spring, why don’t you let loose and have some fun with your kids in the rain? That’s what I plan to do, and I think my kids will have a blast.

Go to a local farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets typically have great offerings, and it’s also a fun opportunity to teach your kids about different foods. It makes for a fun family outing.

Eat Outside together. In the summer, eating outside is great, but with children, it needs to be an early affair before the afternoon sun starts beaming. In the springtime, you can plan a fun lunchtime outing with your kids that includes their favorite foods. Whether it’s at a park or in your own backyard, eating outside is a must-do.

Make flowerpot cupcakes. Get a few small flowerpots, put in a cupcake, add chocolate icing, and finish it off with edible flowers. The kids will have a great time making these adorable treats.

Make a bird feeder. My son has recently become fascinated with birds. A bird feeder is a great way to have interesting birds visit your home, so you can see them up close and learn more about them.

Paint a rock and use it for encouragement. Find a big rock and paint it together as a family. Afterwards, turn the rock into something your family uses for encouragement. Paint the words “You Rock” on it, and whenever someone in your family does something awesome, they get the rock for a week. During that week, they add something new to the rock, and then they pass it on to another family member.

Get a butterfly garden. A butterfly garden allows kids to witness the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly up close. Once they have adult butterflies, they release them and watch them fly away. Pretty cool.

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