Fun Educational Activities For Your Kids
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There has been a considerable rise in competition among kids and adults alike. Kids are turning out to be geniuses and are giving others tough competition. 

Parents are often worried about their kids’ future and they wonder whether their children will be able to cope with such a competitive world. 

Hence, to ease such parents out of their worries, we have gathered a list of seven educational activities that your child can carry out very happily. Keep reading to know more! 

  1. Crossword Challenge- A Word Game 

If you wish to teach your child to read English and write it as well then this game would prove to be the best option. This is a fun game that will not bore your little one. 

A crossword enables your child to read both horizontally and vertically. It often helps the child to read diagonally too. It will unknowingly improve a child’s memory too. 

Additionally, it increases a kid’s observation skills and improves the little one’s abilities to process things and words. To begin with the game, you should choose a category in which your child is interested. 

The categories range from several things like superheroes, fruits, animals, shapes, colors, and more. Allow your child to give that crossword a snappy title. 

Not only hours of entertainment; puzzles offer a wide range of benefits for children, it is a versatile and enjoyable learning tool that can be incorporated into playtime and educational settings. We especially love wooden puzzles, You can buy these Puzzles online from and It would be better if you sat down by the side of your little one as they attempted the puzzle.

You can go for either an online or an offline version of a crossword puzzle. Both would work similarly. Introducing a variety of categories, such as kids ghost hunting equipment can spark your child’s curiosity and keep them engaged in the activity.

  1. Playing in Nature 

Going out in nature opens up a child’s mind and allows them to explore more. You can walk your child in a park and ask your kid to locate the different colors they see. 

After you’ve come back from the stroll in the park, hand your child a blank piece of paper with some markers or crayons and ask them to draw whatever they saw outside. 

This will sharpen a kid’s mind and they will even enjoy the activity. Hence, these are some fun games and activities that you can carry out that will help to develop a child’s brain. 

  1. A Game of Hopscotch

Hopscotch enables your child to engage both their physical and mental abilities. They need to think before they jump up on a square. This strengthens their brains. 

A game of Hopscotch allows you to teach your kids about the sequence of numbers going from ascending order to descending order. Kids also learn to count backward with the help of this outdoor game. All you have to do is to draw the structure of Hopscotch for your kid. 

After you are done, hand the child a stone, a shell, or anything similar to these things. To start with the game, make your child throw the stone on the first square. Ask the child to hop over the first square and while coming back, the child should bend down to pick up the stone, and this way the kid will complete the first round. 

The game remains the same, the only thing your child needs to do is to move a square further after every chance. 

If you want to work on your child’s Math, give them a basic question that pertains to basic operations and let them decide as to which square they’ve got to hop in. 

  1. The Sundial Game 

This is a craftwork activity that is full of lessons for your little kid. The kid will not only learn about the clock and its mechanism but they will also enjoy the process. 

All you have got to do is take plastic or a paper plate and poke a straw right in the middle of the plate. Through this, the child will learn to read time by using a Sundial. 

When the clock strikes an hour, ask your child to go to the rooftop and have them mark the place where the shadow of the straw falls. Allow your child to go to the rooftop after every one strike of an hour. By the end of the next day, your child will have made a whole Sundial clock. 

Through this activity, your child will understand how the sun and time go hand-in-hand. Believe us, they will truly rejoice to take up this fun activity. 

  1. Making Birthday Cards 

Making a card for a loved one’s birthday or anniversary on their own will motivate the child to pour out all of their love onto a piece of paper. 

Make sure you provide all the prerequisites to the child before they start to make a card on their own. Things like colors, markers, glitter, glue, and colorful sheets of paper are the basic minimum. 

Do not try to force your ideas about a card on your child. Let your child be free and unique in their way. Although, you can surely help them in cutting and with words. This activity will give a boost to their creative skills and as they grow, their coloring and drawing skills will evolve. 

This activity would improve their concentration power as the child remains focused for hours in this activity. He will be determined to complete the whole card in one sitting.

  1. Building Words

Helping your kid learn new words every day in a fun way will allow them to develop their vocabulary and get creative too!

There are various activities to help your kids learn new words. For instance, you should make them play games like Scrabble, an exciting and educational game that the whole family can enjoy. It encourages problem-solving, strategic thinking, and word formation. Plus, it’s a great way to have fun with your kids while learning something new. They give them a daily Wordle to solve, or use multimedia phonics worksheets!

If your kid is feeling stuck, here’s a complete list of various words that can easily help them.  

  1. Passing the Ball

If it is raining outside and your child and their friends are getting bored then this is the perfect game for such an occasion. 

All you need to ensure that you have a softball, a cushion, or any soft thing similar to them, and a music system or a phone with high-quality audio sound. 

Ask the children to form a circle and sit down in the same shape. Tell them to pass the ball as and when the music starts to play. However, they must stop when the music stops. 

Whoever is caught holding the ball at the end will have to perform something and then walk out of the game. The one who reaches the end without getting caught wins! 

This game will teach your child how to carry and pass a ball. Moreover, the game will allow your child to learn about the timing of tossing and holding the ball to stay and win in the play. 

  1. Baking Is the New Fun! 

Baking provides a feeling of joy and excitement to a little child. Let the child try to create and bake something out of scratch. 

Baking is also called to be a delicate and tactile play. Don’t go for a complex recipe, instead start with something basic like a chocolate chip cookie or a cupcake. 

Allow your child in the decoration, mixing, whisking, and churning part. However, be careful around the oven. Bake the recipe up and enjoy the treat! 

Baking allows the child’s cooking skills to evolve and he will feel more confident and a confidence boost will be felt by the child. 


In today’s world, there lies a lot of competition for your little one but before you or society pressurises them, make sure that you boost their self-esteem so that they do not feel like an ant in a desert. We hope that this article helped you out! 

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