9 Fun and Educational Christmas Activities for Children

Christmas is approaching, so why not make the lessons more interesting by introducing festivities in them? Planning fun and educational Christmas activities for children in their lessons make learning more appealing for them. To give some inspiration, we have collated the top 9 fun Christmas activities for children. You can make your child’s learning more wonderful, allowing children to feel excited while involved in these fun activities.

Following are the activities that involve Christmas. A few of them are educational, and some are just plain fun. Each activity will get your child excited for the festive season ahead.

Word Finding

Finding words is a simple game to start with. It will improve the child’s vocabulary and extend their knowledge about the relationship between words. So, experts highly advise presenting the class with phrases or words related to Christmas. Ask them to write down as many words as they can easily make up from these Christmas words or phrases. You can give them a minute for this exercise to increase their assessing skills. It is one of the engaging Christmas learning activities for students.

For Example

  • Snowman: man, now, woman, won, son
  • Christmas: hit, cat, mist, this, chat

Write a Christmas Story

Christmas is undoubtedly the wonderful time of the year and ideal to create an exciting story or interesting adventure. Ask children or students to develop some creative and original Christmas tales using their storytelling creativity. These are usually Christmas printable activities, allowing children to conceive Christmas ideas and write the perfect story.

Make them think about the setting, characters, and scenario. They should structure the story with core information about the characters and setting, using creativity to write the story. It can be one of the viable Christmas activities at home.

Christmas Charades

It is one of the classic family games that people play at home on such festive days. You can practice this to help students learn as fun Christmas activities. Revolve your game around Christmas and play this as a continuation of word find. A child can use such exciting learning and fun activities to make their Christmas informative while enjoying it at the same time.

Make Some Christmas Crafts

Christmas is the ideal occasion to use glue and glitter to create something artful. There are many ways to have a lot of fun with children, and one of them is making Christmas-oriented crafts. Create Christmas stockings, decorate cards for Dad and Mum, and Christmas baubles for the tree at home. You can also assist them in making a snowman or Santa using paper. Making crafts is considered one of the creative Christmas activities for children.

Christmas Debate

Encourage debate among children. Ask them a debating question revolving around Christmas. Summon them to explain their views on this question. Ask them to convince the students who have not decided yet. This activity will allow children to improve their debating skills and convincing potential. However, you can include such Christmas activities in online classes. In group live sessions, students can give their views in favor and opposition. It will create a great learning atmosphere while discussing Christmas stuff.

Modernize Christmas Classics

To promote the Christmas activities for children, encourage them to set a modern twist in the Christmas classic poems. Ask them to read the poem aloud and pick out the details that are not relevant or familiar today. Start a discussion and invite them to think of the poem details from today’s perspective.

After a detailed discussion about the poem:

  1. Have children draft a modernized or renewed version.
  2. See how well the poem sounds while portraying Santa’s visit to a modern home.
  3. Push students to share their interpretations with the class through reading or acting out.

Promote Acts of Kindness

Sit with students to make a list of kind acts. Inspire them to do these acts to friends, family, classmates, teachers and others. It can be a little thing like doing household work without even being asked. Some other acts of kindness include giving a compliment, gifting to friends, making a card for neighbors, charity and donations. Also, ask students to present their kindness ideas and create a calendar covering one act on each day of the whole month. Motivate them to stick to it till the end of the month. Ask them questions like what act of kindness they are going to do? How did the act feel? It is as equally crucial as educational Christmas activities.

Christmas Around the World

You can have your students research Christmas around the world and how it is different from your country. It can be one of the most interesting Christmas learning activities. In this activity, they research different countries and their Christmas festivities. It will add more to their knowledge about Christmas and how other countries celebrate it. Ask students to analyses the traditions between their and any other country, and write a comparison of it. They can even write a paragraph about their family Christmas traditions compared with families of other countries.

Solve Math Puzzles

Christmas puzzle ideas are always engaging for students. A little challenge always entices children to explore their skills and use them in a better way. At online tutoring platforms, Math, English and Science tutors on different learning platforms can help children solve emoji Math puzzles. They can add Santa’s, gift boxes, and trees. You can even create your own emoji puzzles to excite children to solve them. You can always draw emojis on paper if you do not have easy access to digital platforms.


The Christmas countdown is on. The fun Christmas educational activities will keep the children entertained while honing their core learning skills. This holiday break is an ideal time to ponder on the significance of giving and being kind to people around you. Adnan Khan Tutoring always has exciting and fun activities on such holiday breaks developed by expert teachers. We make sure our students do not lose interest in such events. Stay in touch with our team for more exciting learning opportunities.

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