Baby Names Every Pixar Addict Will Absolutely Love

Some people want to go the classic route when choosing a name for their baby; others want something a little more unique. If you’re a fan of the Pixar movies, these names will definitely be perfect for your children!

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1. Violet – “The Incredibles”

The Parr’s eldest daughter has the beautiful name Violet, which can be both a color and a precious flower. Either way, it would be perfect for a baby girl!

2. Scott – “Monsters University”

Sure, it’s basically a normal name, but it’s also the name of one of the characters in “Monsters University” – also known as ‘Squibbles’.

3. Russell – “Up”

In the movie, Russell is the intrepid little boy scout who refuses to take “no” for an answer, leading old Carl to the adventure of a lifetime. The perfect character to name your kid after!

4. Rosie – “A Bug’s Life”

The adorable and super feminine name is perfect for any pretty little girl!

5. Riley – “Inside Out”

The cute name is very popular right now, but not too much! If you want to give it a little bit of edge, use it for a baby boy.

6. Nash – “The Good Dinosaur”

I love how short this name is without losing its force. Definitely ideal for a baby boy and for a tyrannosaurus!

7. Maudie – “Brave”

Although Maudie is short for the less-flattering Maude, the extra ‘i’ makes the name perfect for a little girl. Since the name is borne by a small character in the movie, it won’t immediately remind people of it.

8. Mack – “Cars”

The name is super cute, short, and strong, nothing better for a baby boy! Also, Mack is one of the best characters in ‘Cars,’ so there’s that.

9. Jessie – “Toy Story 2”

The name Jessie is beyond adorable! And who doesn’t want their baby girl to share a name with a pretty cowgirl?

10. Finn – “Cars 2”

Even though Cars 2 is definitely not one of Pixar’s finest moments, it does have some pretty cool baby names. Finn is the name of the British secret agent in the movie, so every time you hear your kid’s name, you’ll be reminded of Michael Caine’s gorgeous British accent.

11. Dash – “The Incredibles”

While his full name is actually Dashiell, I think Dash is a great name for an intrepid baby boy. It will certainly set him off for great adventures!

12. Coral – “Finding Nemo”

‘Finding Nemo’ is one of Pixar’s most beloved movies. Although Coral is really a minor character in the movie – Nemo’s mother – it’s actually a really pretty name for a baby girl!

13. Celia Mae – “Monsters, Inc.”

Mike Wazowski’s girlfriend has an adorable name! It’s classic, traditional, and not too crazy, but it will always have a special meaning for you! You can choose to have both names or just one of them.

14. Bailey – “Finding Dory”

The upcoming movie promises to be one of the best sequels in movie history. One of the characters of the movie is a beluga whale named Bailey, and it’s one of Dory’s new friends. Definitely a good name for a boy or a girl.

15. Auguste – “Ratatouille”

Although the character of Auguste Gusteau – whose name, by the way, is an anagram of his last name – might not be the most liked of the movie, this classic French name is lovely for a baby boy!

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