50 Baby Essentials for Your Newborn

Having a newborn is a joyous yet nerve-wracking experience. From the middle of the night feedings to a near-constant flow of friends and family eager to meet your new bundle of joy, there are a lot of distractions that can make it hard to remember all of the supplies that you need.

While you may have had a little difficulty choosing a baby name, without the right supplies in your arsenal, you could be in for exponentially more frustration. Make sure you are prepared for these challenges and check out these indispensable products that you should have on hand.

10 Items for Nursing Mothers

For those mothers taking advantage of the health benefits of breastfeeding, you should keep the following items in your home stockpile.

  1. Soothing lotion for sore nipples
  2. Plenty of baby bibs
  3. Burp cloths
  4. A good supply of natural personal care products
  5. Several nursing bras
  6. Breast pads
  7. A breast pump
  8. A natural fiber nursing pillow
  9. Storage containers for breast milk
  10. Clothing designed specifically for breastfeeding

For those of you opting for formula feeding, you’ll also want a thermal bottle carrier and a bottle/nipple brush.

6 Diaper Essentials

As you’re probably aware, knowing how to change a diaper is just one aspect of this part of your newborn’s care. Whether you’re opting for reusable cloth diapers or disposable ones, you need these essential supplies.

  1. A natural fiber changing pad
  2. Several dozen reusable diapers or two to three boxes of disposable ones (don’t purchase too many disposable diapers in advance because your baby may grow quicker than you anticipate)
  3. Waterproof covers
  4. Disposable wipes or washcloths
  5. Velcro, safety pins, or snaps for securing the diapers
  6. Rash prevention cream

5 Essential Bath Supplies

With spit-up, vomit, poop, pee, and just general dirtiness, your newborn is going to need baths regularly. As such, there are a few supplies you need.

  1. A plastic infant tub
  2. Baby-safe soap
  3. A soft-bristled hairbrush
  4. A dozen washcloths earmarked for baths
  5. Several soft-hooded towels
Essential Bath Supplies

10 Clothing Items

Thankfully, this time isn’t completely filled with feedings and diaper changes. Sure, you probably won’t be able to pamper yourself with a fantastic-looking wardrobe for a while, but your little one is going to need a few essential clothing items.

Have at least…

  1. 5 nightgowns
  2. 4 cute outfits for dressing up and photos
  3. 7 pairs of pants
  4. 10 pairs of socks or booties
  5. 8 one-piece zippered stretchy sleepers
  6. 10 onesies
  7. 3 or 4 natural fiber hats for newborns
  8. Infant-safe laundry detergent
  9. 2 pairs of scratch mittens
  10. 3 jackets or cardigans

5 Bedtime Items

Your newborn is going to sleep quite a lot and that means there are several things that you need to own.

  1. A good crib and mattress
  2. Several waterproof mattress covers
  3. Light blankets
  4. A sleep sack
  5. Fitted crib sheets

14 Odds & Ends

Along with the above essentials you need on a daily basis, there are more products that you need to ensure you have available.

  1. A certified safe infant car seat
  2. Reclining stroller
  3. Baby monitor
  4. Eyedropper/medicine spoon
  5. Bulb syringe
  6. Small nail clippers
  7. Infant thermometer
  8. Infant-safe medication for fever
  9. Diaper bag
  10. A baby carrier or sling
  11. Several pacifiers
  12. A playpen
  13. A night light (you don’t want to have to turn on bright lights in the middle of the night)
  14. Rattles/toys

Yes, your newborn needs a lot of stuff. If you’re still expecting at this point, consider making a Wish List on Amazon or a baby-centric site to get friends and family to help with some of it.

While you may not need every single item on the list above, you can use it as a reference for the stuff you do need or want. Having the essentials on hand means that you’ll have less worry and stress as you and your newborn start your lives together.

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