The birth of a baby is a long-awaited event in the life of every parent. With the birth of a baby, the usual routine of life is rebuilt, there are many significant changes and a lot of questions arise. Mom must learn to understand her child, listen to his behavior, learn to identify the state of hunger and a simple “I want to hold him. The basic advice for young mothers is to remember that the baby should receive the necessary dose of mom’s milk or baby formula in time, and then he will be active, quiet, and healthy.

A balanced diet is a basis for good health

The normal growth and development of the child, the state of his health, and the level of his defenses are determined first of all by a properly balanced diet, which is understood as providing the body with nutrients in sufficient quantity and quality. This provision is called the concept of a balanced diet. It involves determining the absolute amounts of each nutrient and their relationship to each other based on the physiological maturity and metabolic status of the child of the age. When prescribing food for children it is necessary to ensure that the daily food intake includes complete proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water in the right amounts and the right proportions.

How do you know if a baby is hungry?

Not all mothers notice the baby’s signals indicating that he wants to eat. In this case, the baby goes into action and starts crying. But if you watch carefully, every mother will see when her baby demands milk. Newborns express their hunger with the following signs:

  • tries to make noises;
  • pulls its hands into its mouth;
  • sucks on a pen or surrounding objects;
  • movements under the eyelids;
  • the activity appears – twisting and turning.

With these simple signals, you’ll know your baby is hungry and you’ll be able to satisfy his or her need in time.

Choosing a baby formula

Baby food that is produced according to an ecological production concept is the best for any baby. The products must be free of harmful substances, impurities, and preservatives, which can cause illness or disorders. The presence of the appropriate sign on the package of baby food is evidence of the naturalness and environmental friendliness of the product. When choosing banana baby food it is better to choose products from reputable manufacturers. It will give additional guarantees of safety, quality, and benefits because firms with a worldwide reputation work on their authority and carefully monitor all stages of production and sales of their products. german formula meets all the above criteria and contains probiotics and prebiotics which are very important for the normal functioning of a baby’s digestive system. Additionally, they contain nucleotides, taurine, and omega fatty acids. Visit for other formula milk for your little one.

Infant Diet

A baby’s basic diet from 1 to 3 months of age is breast milk only. Or milk formula, if there are problems with natural feeding. No other products up to 5-6 months should be given. When the baby begins to grow up quickly, his first teeth begin to erupt. This is how the body signals that new food, complimentary food, should be introduced into the child’s diet. In addition, after 6 months, the baby becomes more mobile, so its energy requirements increase. Mother’s milk or formula #1 can no longer provide them, so the child must receive additional nutrition.

Choosing baby food, remember that it must be maximally adapted to the body of your child, to promote its harmonious development. Do not forget to consult a pediatrician who has information about your baby’s health status.

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