If you’re a parent or soon-to-be parent, it’s likely that you want to give your baby the best nursery possible. Many times, this includes a calm, soothing atmosphere for your little one to sleep in. If you aren’t sure where to begin, use these three ways to give your baby’s nursery a calming atmosphere. Have peace of mind knowing that your baby can rest easy through the contribution of the nursery’s décor.


Noise can prevent your baby from getting as much sleep as necessary. Consider adding white noise to your baby’s room to block out unsolicited noise. If you have other kids or need to shower, white noise may be your saving grace. It’s best to have a stationary white noise machine in the baby’s room.

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This machine will stay in the room so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it somewhere else. Invest in a second, portable white noise machine that you can attach to the diaper bag. This may help your baby sleep when you’re in a public setting or car. Another way to create a calming atmosphere is to try soothing your baby with the best baby swing and rocker with built-in sounds and connect it to any MP3 device.


Babies sleep best when they are in a completely dark room. Keep in mind that this may be one of the most important of the three ways to give your baby’s nursery a calming atmosphere. If you can hold your hand out in front of you and still see it, there’s too much light.

Your baby is used to a dark womb. The more you can recreate the same atmosphere for them, the better. They will feel safe and comforted in a similar environment. Hold off on night lights or anything of the sort until they are well into toddlerhood. By ages 2 or 3, they may begin to be afraid of the dark. Until then, the darkness will comfort them.

Room Colors

Room colors can affect the tone and atmosphere of the nursery entirely. Bright, bold colors increase brain activity and emotional responses. Although this can be the desired result at times, most times, you’ll want to avoid bold colors so that your baby can feel calm. Instead, choose soothing colors for the nursery.

One of these calm colors includes muted shades of blue. Being surrounded by the color blue can lower blood pressure and heart rate, and it can even cool the body down. This effect on the mind and body can help someone sleep at night, even your precious young one. This color can also reduce anxiety or anger. If you’d like to keep the same-colored room into the toddlerhood years, this could be a great choice.

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